All-time Best-selling NBA Jerseys and all you need to know

All-time Best-selling NBA Jerseys and all you need to know

The word “best” defines many things when talking about the best of all-time NBA jerseys. The term best may speak about the designs, style, popularity, and how fast these jerseys go out of the shelves. However, there’s a problem with the NBA’s official record specifying which players have the greatest number of sales – it is not mentioned whether it is away or home jerseys, special city edition, or throwback uniforms. 

Usually, the best-selling jerseys tally with either of the two teams played in the NBA finals that season. Clearly, the season’s top seller would be the MVP jersey, which you can buy from a legitimate basketball shop. But when it comes to the “all-time best-selling” NBA jerseys, these are the jerseys of the greatest players of all-time. 

Below are the NBA fans’ all-time favorite jerseys. 

Michael Jordan 

The exact number of Michael Jordan’s jersey sales is unknown as his playing days started before the NBA started tracking jersey sales. However, in 2008, the NBA store revealed that Jordan’s jersey topped the store’s top 10 all-time best sellers. 

There’s no doubt that Michael Jordan has the best-selling uniform of all time, even without specific data to prove it. The classic white or red Chicago Bulls 23 jersey must have controlled the sales charts in the late 1980s to 1990s, during the time that he, Scottie Pippen, and the rest of the Bulls were playing against the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals, three-peating twice. 

Kobe Bryant 

Regardless of the playing style, there’s no doubt that Kobe Bryant was one of the most famous NBA players of all-time. He was placed in the second spot because:  

  • He won five NBA championships with LA Lakers 
  • Sold the most NBA jerseys five times 
  • Had his jersey number changed from 8 to 24 in 2005 that forced his fans to buy his new jersey 
  • Played with the NBA’s second-largest market 

LeBron James 

There was a conversation about LeBron James that went from one of the best NBA players to becoming the GOAT – greatest of all time. It has been even debated that James might have taken over Jordan’s place. 

Although there might be debates about who should be on the number one spot, James got the third spot on the all-time best-selling jersey. Besides dominating the list of the best-selling jerseys in 2010, he also brought his teams to eight NBA Finals appearances. This could mean that his jerseys were selling like hotcakes off the shelves of Miami, Cleveland, and now, LA.  

Magic Johnson 

Today, you can see Magic Johnson enjoying his life as a businessman (had 105 Starbucks stores before selling them in 2010, and now owning 30 Burger Kings); he was universally loved and untouchable during his golden years in the NBA. 

Johnson led the LA Lakers to five championships in the 1980s, with seven trips to NBA Finals. He has been consistently popular during those years. Representing a city with a vast population indeed boosted his jersey sales. 

These are the top four all-time best-selling NBA jerseys that you should be looking for the next time you visit a basketball shop, whether it is online or physical. While the stores are indeed stocking on these items, many NBA fans, old and new alike, collect their jerseys. 

NBA jerseys are precious to most fans. Ensure that you only buy these items from legitimate stores to avoid rip-offs and ensure that you are getting high-quality items worth your money.

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