Finding the Right Lawyer: 5 Important Tips to Consider

Whether you’re handling a family dispute, setting up a business, or handling a real estate transaction, there will probably come a time where you need the services of a great lawyer.

Finding the right lawyer can seem intimidating. But if you do the right research and start well before you actually need the lawyer, the process can become a whole lot easier. 

Here are five things to consider as you embark on your search.

Is the attorney honest?

Does the attorney you wish to hire offer a free consultation? If so, take advantage of that. Your meeting with the lawyer can help you evaluate whether he or she is forthcoming and honest. 

Is the lawyer looking at your eyes when speaking or focused elsewhere? Focusing on you is a good sign. Ask about the type of cases they have prosecuted in the past. If you’re in search of a settlement, they should provide you with different cases they’ve handled that are similar to yours.

Lawyers who don’t tell you about the risks or the costs associated with your case should not be trusted. Before entering into any relationship with a lawyer, you need to make absolutely sure they are trustworthy.

It’s painful to realize too late that the attorney has a questionable character and is frustrating your case.

What are their research and people skills?

Lawyers need to effectively comprehend the client’s needs and prepare relevant legal strategies. This involves taking in a lot of information, then breaking it down to something useful and manageable.

Aside from their academic background, lawyers work on behalf of people. That said, they should be persuasive and good at reading others. This allows them to understand the honesty of witnesses and gauge jurors’ reactions in the courtroom.

Reviews and referrals matter

A personal reference can be beneficial in your search for a reputable attorney. It’s equally as important to talk to other business professionals in your field to help you find a reliable attorney for your legal matters.

You can also find help by reading reviews of lawyers on different online directories, especially legal review sites like Avvo. Do a Google search for a term such as “Schwartzapfel personal injury attorneys” and choose lawyers that have five-star reviews.

Can the lawyer be easily reached?

If you’re handling disputes such as divorce cases, you may have to keep in touch with the lawyer for months, if not years. Avoid a lawyer who doesn’t respond to emails or phone calls promptly. Even though your case may seem routine, it’s important for the lawyer to take it seriously.

The best way to test a lawyer’s communication is via email. Ask a few follow-up questions via email after your initial meeting. If it takes a few days before getting any response, the company may be too busy to handle your case. If you get a timely response, you may have found the right attorney for your case.

Are they insured?

Before committing to an attorney, you may want to know whether or not they have malpractice insurance. Having the insurance doesn’t mean that they’re bound to commit an offense. Instead, it acts to provide those seeking legal help with comfort.

An insurance company may deny a lawyer with malpractice insurance because they deem them risky to insure. If the lawyer you wish to hire doesn’t have malpractice insurance, that’s a red flag.

Use these tips to find the best lawyer to handle your case.

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