NFL wide player Antonio Brown receivers an arrest warrant

Antonio Brown has been out of the NFL since September 20, as a woman accused him of her rape. 

There were arrest warrants against past NFL player Name Antonio Brown when he quarreled with a delivery man at Brown’s South Florida home. 

According to the police statement:

Brown appears in one count each of break-in with battery, robbery of a vacant conveyance, and criminal damage less than $1,000, as Hollywood Police Department stated. According to the supposed target, he was transporting domestic substances that Brown had kept in California when the so-called event takes place, a grievance says. Brown and his coach, Glenn Holt, “assaulted” the supposed target at Brown’s Hollywood home Tuesday afternoon. Instantly there are no custodies against Brown, but Police narrated that they disastrously tried to communicate. They said that they received a call at 911 about the trouble at the residence of Brown’s home, 25m away from the North of downtown Miami. 

The main reason for this disturbance was that the drive demanded $4,000 to transfer all items, but Brown denied to pay, and then the driver started to leave. When he was leaving, Brown struck him with a rock that hit the truck, and there are a little dent and paint chip on the driver seat door. Then the driver went to Brown’s home as his company administration informed that Brown wants to pay $4,000, additional money of $860 to fulfill the harm of truck and his additional time-wasting. When he went there, he paid him just $4,000 and denied to give extra money, and then the driver tried to return to his home.

Meanwhile, Brown climbed into his truck, and seized and pulled him from his neck, tearing his shirt as several scratches. At this time, Holt appears there and dragged Brown off him. Then Hold asked him to give the keys to get Brown’s stuff, but drive denied to provide them with. Then Holt climbed into his truck and gripped the keys from the explosion. After it, Hold opened the car and, with many other companions and Brown, started to take away the boxes. With the items of Brown, they also removed other’s issues as well, and when the driver informed them about it, they tossed other things back into the truck. According to the drive, in this way, they harmed other’s items. When Police appeared there, Brown misbehaved and shut the door. Hollywood police stated, we tried to communicate with Mr. Brown but were not successful. 

Read more about how Antonio Brown got bailed and released by Florida judge


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