Rihanna Confirms Romance with Hassan Jameel is All-well

Rihanna just confirmed that her romance with Hassan Jameel is going “really well.” And now she is on the top of her style game. Owning a luxury clothing line, she was spotted on Oct. 10 in London in an all-white ensemble. Right from her pointed heels to her white-rimmed Versace sunglasses, she looked sporty yet elegant in her white jacket and mini-skirt that brightened the night.



Rihanna showed off her long, toned legs as she headed to the Legado x Faberge x Rome de Bellegarde VIP Party at the Vinyl Factory Gallery in London. The event was by her brother Rorrey Fenty for launching his new cigar line.

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A talented, entrepreneurial family!


In her new November, Vogue cover interview spilled a lot of beans about her private life. She even gushed about her relationship with Hassan Jameel, who she was photographed making out in a pool in Spain in June 2017.

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Rihanna, 31-years old singer/entrepreneur, told publication, “Yeah, I’m actually in an exclusive relationship for quite some time, and it’s going wee, so I’m happy.”

When Rihanna was asked about kids, “Without a doubt, I don’t think about stuff like that. But I don’t know God’s plan.

I look forward to all of the pregnancy rumors after this interview.”

Rihanna Confirms Romance with Hassan Jameel is All-well

Rihanna Confirms Romance with Hassan Jameel is All-well

Running so many businesses in her growing empire, she was asked if she could foresee a day without music as no longer be a part of her career. She immediately replied, “oh, noo. Music is, like, speaking in code to the world, where they get it. It’s the weird language that connects me to them. Me the designer, me the woman who creates makeup and lingerie, it all started with music. It was my first pen pal-ship to the world. To cut that off is to cut my communication off. All of these offer things flourish on top of that foundation.”

We all love her and wish her best for all her ventures!

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