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Scott Quigg and Jono Carroll Fight For Today at 2 pm ET streaming live on DAZN.Former WBA super bantamweight world champion Scott Quigg (35-2-2, 26 KOs) is ready to take on Irish southpaw Jono Carroll (17-1-1, 3 KOs) in the main event that will be heavily in favor of the Mancunian fighter.


Quigg vs Carroll Full Fight Info

Location: Manchester Arena, UK
Date: Saturday, March 7
Time: 2 pm ET
TV: Sky Sports Action
Live Stream: DAZN

Even the 31-year-old Quigg, a former title-holder in 122 lbs, was out of action since Oct. 2018, enduring that a set of knee trauma setbacks in 20-19, 1 which pinpointed his initial December day with all the 27-year-old Carroll, also a scrappy and bright former domain challenger out of Dublin.
Equally, fighters have spoken plenty beforehand with the struggle and also have ensured a triumph. Our staffers enjoy the struggle for actions probable, plus it needs to be described as a battle worth pruning to watch. It truly is extremely noteworthy for equal men; a triumph here is quite a measure straight back into this planet title arena, a reduction can be really a significant drawback. Scott Quigg and also Jono Carroll are about to manage each other at the boxing ring that this forthcoming Saturday and Sunday! We really don’t learn about you personally, however, we are definitely going to see the game online, therefore let us figure out the way it’s possible to certainly do this way too!
He will confront the proficient Carroll in his return. Carroll will not always have a feeling of electrical power. While he’s gathered a 17-1-1 pro album, just a number of the wins have made by KO. That describes the Spartan nickname Quigg gave him throughout the accumulation of Saturday’s struggle (Feather Fists).
Carroll might need to become particularly smart and slick to overcome Quigg whose aggression is only going to be bolstered by means of an opponent who can’t damage him. In case Quigg wins impressively you’ll need to presume he is right back into the combination to get a name taken super featherweight. As he and present IBF winner Joseph Diaz are signed with DAZN, which are his very best choice to get a name taken.

Quigg vs Carroll Live Stream Reddit

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Sky Sports

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NBC Sports

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