Dwayne Johnson has sent fans jumping on their feet after his stunning gigantic gains and that savage ‘SmackDown’. Back with a bang after 6-years. Worth all the wait!

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This 47-years old, couldn’t have picked a better moment to return to WWE television, SmackDown. Airing on Fox Prime Time on Oct 4, the Friday night episode also happened to be its 20th Anniversary celebration.

WWE history has been made. His grand entry from a neon blue tunnel with massive muscles than usual, and that electrifying background tune of heavy metal guitars. In Feb. 2019, The Rock revealed that he “quietly retired” from the wrestling, on the show Live with Kelly & Ryan.

Fans tweeted away their excitement after The Rock created a dramatic, heroic history. The viewers tweeted, “The rock is the goat on the mic,” with another one writing, “The Rock is a lilt hic and he has still got it!

There were tweets like “The Rock is a pure entertainer.” The immense love he has received from fans is what keeps him going throughout.

Being a champion 17 times throughout his WWE career that began in 1996, The Rock has got that in it and he aces it truly.

The People’s Champion teamed up with other WWE legend, Becky Lynch AKA ‘The Man’ who has a face-off against Baron Corbin. The fans went wild after The Rock called ‘The King of the Ring’ a ‘Broke ass burger king on crack.” He continued to wield the mic to verbally annihilate his and Becky’s rival in the WWE style.

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The Rock told Baron after Baron attempted to diss the Jumanji star and Becky, “That’s what happens when you come out and insult the people. When you insult Jabroni-beating, pie-eating, eyebrow-raising, trailblazing from Los Angeles all the way to Japan. You are getting ready to get your monkey ass whooped by The Rock and The Man!”

The show was worth the watch. There the King of the Ring and the ambush included multiple sucker punches and a trademark People’s Elbow from Dwayne.

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