Investing in an Inverter or a home UPS unit can be one of the best decisions you can make to save yourself from prolonged power cuts. Inverters and UPS units help households, buildings, or offices to supply them with uninterrupted electricity even during power cuts and outages. With the increasing number of options and variations of inverters available in the market, it is always good to know your exact requirements and stick to a budget. This will help you find a power backup system for your home or office that fits your needs perfectly.

To understand your requirements and formulate a budget for yourself, there are a few basic things that you need to think about. These things are the type, capacity, brand reputation, warranty and dealer of the inverter as well as the battery that comes along with it. All these factors should be decided on the basis of duration and load of power supply requirement. The Inverter and battery always go hand in hand in their functioning. Understanding these factors is prudent in making a wise decision about the inverter price you should be paying.

First, you need to check what the battery type is of the inverter in question. There are many different kinds of batteries. These vary from batteries like tubular batteries that are for longer backup use and are slightly more expensive, flat plate batteries for shorter duration of backup time which might be cheaper, maintenance-free batteries (SMF) which are expensive but efficient and easy to handle, and gel batteries which are expensive but extremely ecofriendly. This completely depends on your personal requirement.

Secondly, you should look out for the warranty of the Inverter and battery. Sometimes reputed brands offer extended warranty with products that are at a slightly costly. Warranty essentially means free of cost service and maintenance of any defects in the product for a particular period of time. With higher prices, come more efficient and longer warranty periods with extra facilities made available to the buyers. 

Thirdly, it’s extremely important to know the after-sale service. While purchasing the inverter and battery from the dealer/seller, you should always take prior information about what is included and what is excluded in your package as the prices may differ from dealer to dealer. These services may cover the cost of transportation and installation provided by the company itself. 

The last step in making sure your inverter and battery duo is being purchased by you at a legitimate and true price, you should always buy from a trusted brand rather than a local vendor. A trusted brand will always be true to its customers regarding features and prices, whereas local vendors can sell you second hand or defected inverters and appliances that do not live up to its features and real down easily. These can emit poisonous gases as well as an inverter is a high power and capacity appliance. You should always be extremely careful when selecting a company or dealer to purchase it from. 

We hope this guide has given you a lot of insights on how to understand and decide the best and most suitable price for the inverter or home UPS unit of your requirement. Brands like Luminous offer a great range of Power backup systems that come in different price ranges to cater to every individual’s needs. So, without any further delay, head on to their website and start filling your carts now!

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