10 Design Trends To Help Boost Your Work From Home Productivity

Top Trends To Help Boost Your Work

Working from home can be quite a challenge. Staying focused amidst kids, pets, and unfolded laundry is a constant struggle, but there are simple tricks that can work wonders. Here we’ve listed ten tips that can help you boost your productivity when working from home.

Choose a designated spot

Try to find a place in your home that can act as your designated work area. This will help you draw a clear line between work hours and leisure time, thus reducing stress and helping you relax when the workday is over.

Use colors to create the right atmosphere

Colors affect our mood and energy levels more than we may think. While red is known for making us stressed and aggressive, blue has been found to have a calming effect. If you have a stressful job, blues and lilacs can help you stay relaxed, and if you need to be creative, yellow is often said to be helpful in that area. 

Bring plants and greenery into your workspace

Plants and greenery will soften your workspace and make it feel homely. But plants also help cleanse the air and make it less dry, which is welcome during long days in front of the computer. For that reason, always opt for real plants rather than artificial ones. 

Use lighting to stay energized 

For both the sake of your eyes and your productivity, good lighting is essential. Ensure you not only rely on the light coming from your screen; you also need additional lighting. Use at least one desk lamp for reading, and some kind of general lighting like a ceiling lamp, to make sure the rest of the room is not too dark. A rule of thumb with light is that more is better. 

Keep your working space separated from other areas

Try to keep your home office somewhat separated from the rest of your home. You can achieve this using blinds, curtains, or a folding wall to separate your sofa space from your office.

Have comfortable seating 

Comfort is key, especially when spending all your days in the same place. Pick a high-quality office chair, and if possible, opt for a desk that can be adjusted to standing. 

Use a humidifier to stay hydrated

There are many cute little air humidifiers on the market right now, and they make a great addition to your working from home set up. Spending all day in front of the screen tends to have a dehydrating effect, so you can use all the help you can get in staying hydrated. You can also add essential oil to the small steamers to create your own little home office spa. Eucalyptus and menthol are scents known to heighten our focus and help increase productivity. 

Declutter your workspace

The fewer distractions, the easier it becomes to stay focused. And the more focused you are, the more productive you will become. Make sure you have storage for all your things and that you always clean your desk before you start your workday. 

Use closed storage better focus

Piles of paper, invoices, and all kinds of bits and pieces are usually part of a workplace. Having them out in the open makes it difficult to create a calm and beautiful workspace. Therefore it’s usually a good idea to opt for closed storage rather than open shelves. Boxes and cupboards will help you hide the mess so that you can stay focused, zen, and productive. 

Keep a mood board for inspiration

Maintaining motivation can be a challenge when working from home. A great way to stay motivated is to create an inspiring mood board and place it over your desk. Are you saving for a trip or to buy a house? Then use images of your end goal to stay inspired, focused, and motivated – all through the workday.

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