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120+ Digital Transformation and Low Code No Code Leaders Gather in UAE


UAE, 2023:   It is forecasted that the no-code-low-code market will grow to almost $12.3 billion in 2024. Further, an estimated 70% of new business applications will use low-code/no-code technologies by 2025. This meteoric rise underscores the immense potential of low-code and no-code solutions in revolutionizing the world of software development. As the LC/NC market continues to boom, now is the opportune moment for organizations and individuals to delve into this transformative landscape.

In this dynamic backdrop, the eagerly anticipated 3rd Edition of The Middle East Low-Code No-Code Summit 2023 will assemble 120+ C-level executives and industry luminaries for in-depth discussions on low-code no-code—exploring challenges, seizing opportunities, and charting the path forward. Summit Website

The Middle East Low-Code No-Code Summit 2023 serves as a vibrant forum where professionals from diverse sectors converge to share their insights and expertise on the LC/NC arena. Leading corporations, including Kissflow Inc.,WaveMaker, S4 Digital, ToolJet, RapidData and Nagarro among others will showcase their cutting-edge enterprise tech through enlightening use cases, live demos, presentations, and success stories. These real-world examples will provide attending organizations with invaluable insights into ground-level implementation and the exploration of innovative LC/NC technologies.

In the Middle East, the LC/NC movement is gaining momentum rapidly. Governments across the region are actively promoting technology initiatives and fostering an environment conducive to innovation. The summit will shed light on the latest developments in the LC/NC landscape in the Middle East, including government initiatives aimed at boosting technological advancements.

The Middle East Low-Code No-Code Summit 2023 – 3rd Edition will feature a rich lineup of insightful talks, engaging panel discussions, and informative presentations led by industry luminaries and renowned speakers such as Ahmad Altarawneh, Senior Strategic Transformation Consultant of Dubai Police; Tarek AbdelKhalek, Senior Consultant at Dubai Customs; Ram Jalan, Director of Digital Transformation and Customer Journey Evolution at DAMAC Properties, Ahmad Awada, Director of Virtual Health at Mediclinic Middle East; and many more.

Speaking of the upcoming summit, Ahmad Altarawneh, Senior Strategic Transformation Consultant, Dubai Police, said, “In the world of tech, the sky is not the limit, the sky is just a target!
I’m happy to be part of the Middle East Low Code No Code Summit 2023. This event is all about new ideas and working together. We’ll be looking at how easy-to-use tech tools can change how we do business. I’m excited to have discussions that will help shape digital changes in the UAE.”

Tarek AbdelKhalek, Senior Consultant at Dubai Custom also shared his enthusiasm about the upcoming summit: “The 3rd edition of The Middle East Low Code No Code Summit 2023 isn’t just an event; it’s a beacon for the future of technology in our region. As we delve into the transformative power of low code and no code technologies, we’ll uncover their potential to revolutionize operations and drive unparalleled efficiencies. These technologies democratize app development, empowering everyone to bring their visions to life while allowing businesses to focus on what they do best. Through engaging discussions and collaborative insights, we’re setting the stage for a new era where organizations can swiftly innovate. With No Code Tech AI Models and Tools, the future of business isn’t just about predicting change; it’s about actively driving it.”

Another significant highlight of the Middle East Low Code No Code Summit 2023 – 3rd Edition is the celebration of innovation and excellence in the LC/NC space through the LCNC Awards 2023. These awards honor exceptional accomplishments within the Low Code and No Code ecosystem through eight distinct categories, acknowledging outstanding work by both organizations and individuals in this dynamic field. 

The summit is expected to attract a diverse range of attendees, including entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, investors, and academics. With a packed schedule of informative talks, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, Middle East Low Code No Code Summit 2023 – 3rd Edition is poised to be an unmissable event for anyone interested in exploring the transformative potential of LC/NC. 

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