3 Amazing Free Video Editing Software Programs


The world as we know has become dominated by visual content because people enjoy watching videos. Visual content is now the biggest technique used to create a successful brand. However, to create captivating content you need the help of an editing software. Many businesses do not know what this endeavour would mean, therefore they turn to IT support providers for assistance. 

Most video editing software’s could cost you a pretty penny but there are some that are just as good that do not cost anything. The issue is always finding those that are free and that also produce amazing results. You may perhaps be a beginner looking to find your way in the industry. IT support company UK businesses are extremely useful in not just helping you find these video software programs but also in aiding you while using them when you get stuck. 

The best free video editing software’s provide you with a platform to create such high-quality videos that they could make it in Hollywood without having to spend a cent. You want to be able to utilize professional-level tools and effects without having to use high priced programs. Well, below are a few programs that could fulfil all your video editing needs. 


Blender is one the best free video editing software on the market. The great part about this software is that it is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The program was initially designed as a 3D animation site, but it does possess a great video editor app. The features available are enough to fulfil all your video editing needs. Businesses who make use of outsourced IT support services have partners that see to all their IT needs. 


Lightworks is another awesome free video editing software and is in fact one of the most powerful free video editors around. This software is available on platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux as well. The free version of lightworks includes features likes exporting to 720p for YouTube, multicam support and high precision video trimming. Lightworks is great for beginners because it has video tutorials which make it easier to get started. 


Shotcut is a fully open-source program which means you would have access to all their features without having to pay for any upgrades. The reason Shotcut stands out is because of the features like 4K HD resolution support and timeline editing. Not many free video editing software’s provide this type of support. It is also available on Mac and Linux PCs, so it is definitely worth having a look at. 

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