3 Reasons Why coinipop is the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

Reasons why they are best cryptocurrency exchange

What is Coinipop?

Coinipop is the leading Cryptocurrency exchange platform, we are buying and selling Cryptocurrencies at the best rates.

In order to provide an excellent solution, we offer our customers a variety of purchasing solutions, including credit cards and bank transfers. For large volume purchases, we have created an additional OTC counter in order to be able to close a tariff in a short time.

With our well-connected Bitcoin miners and the world’s largest trading platforms, we are your first step into the world of cryptocurrency.

Coinipop is owned and operated by CRYPTO HOUSE OÜ which is a company incorporated in Estonia and regulated by the Financial Intelligence Unit (“FIU”) and it is authorized to provide virtual currency exchange services for FIAT currency.

Why coinipop is the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

Choosing the right cryptocurrency exchange can be as important as choosing the right bank to partner with. Since you would be depositing your hard money, there are many parameters to consider.

Security, usability, and reliability are usually on top of the investors’ priorities. With this said, after filtering a wide selection of crypto exchanges, Coinipop comes on top of the list. The Coinipop team conducted extensive research around the most important customer needs, prior to its launch, to deliver the most efficient exchange service of the industry up to date.


We treat our clients as partners. Hence, the clients’ trust in the secure storage of their money, is Coinipop’s most essential attribute. Unlike most of the other crypto exchanges, Coinipop keeps 97% of your assets in a highly secure, offline cold storage, by default. Therefore, your digital assets are protected from any kind of malicious attacks, while the other 3% remains online for your daily needs. Additionally, at Coinipop we have implemented a world-class cybersecurity architecture, which lays our infrastructure invisible even during a potential hacking event. The vulnerability of our security layers is constantly tested by top security experts, to ensure that we always stay ahead of the latest digital threats.


Coinipop has developed a simple, yet advanced, interface which meets the demands of amateur and experienced users. In just a few minutes, users are able to purchase Bitcoin in exchange for a fiat currency, by only using their credit card. While there are several crypto exchanges to provide fiat-to-crypto trading, Coinipop is probably the only one to offer users the ability to buy cryptocurrencies with a little verification process.


Prospective investors frequently shy away from cryptocurrencies due to the lack of regulatory protection. Investors can now regain the lost reliability, as Coinipop is a fully regulated financial institution which operates under the umbrella of the Estonian financial authority. Coinipop has obtained a financial license for providing a virtual currency wallet service, as well as for providing fiat-to-crypto exchanging services. It holds a respectable status in Estonian crypto world and it is also available to users from the EU, the US, plus an additional 161 countries worldwide.

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