4 Smart Moves for Businesses Looking to Expand

Smart move that helps to expand business

Being prepared and making the right moves are key to making your business expansion plans a success. Failure to prepare adequately and needing to improvise as you go along can derail expansion plans mid-flow. Here are 4 smart moves for businesses preparing for an expansion. 

#1 Hire the Best People

If the organization only has employees who have been there for many years, then they may lack the experience required to handle the expansion. Also, if they’ve only worked at smaller organizations and haven’t been involved in a rapidly growing company, the business could be in trouble. Some people just aren’t comfortable with the type of continual change that’s often necessary to manage rapid growth phases.  

Hiring the right people who have already worked in companies that successfully expanded from a low base and came out on top is beneficial. They can lead teams and get past any initial employee reluctance.

It’s also sensible to look realistically at the existing staff to determine who might be unable to keep up or will never get on-board with the expansion plan.

#2 Get the Right Insurance Coverage

Not all business coverage is adequate or appropriate for the specialist needs of a changing business. For instance, an insurance brokerage like Meslee Insurance Services deals in business risk insurance, but also shipment coverage for parcels, and cover for aquaculture inventory, necessary systems, and the facilities themselves. 

Covering business risks is particularly important, especially when going into new industries or areas that haven’t been explored before. That can lead to unexpected mistakes or blunders, and the need to protect against the worst that can happen. 

#3 Learn from the Success (and Failures) of Others

While it may seem as though the business is venturing into completely unchartered waters, usually that isn’t the case. It’s best to learn from other business leaders that have gone before you, rather than to forge a completely new path. 

Why is that? Because creating a new market requires an unshakable belief and marketing to potential customers to convince them to give the product or service a try. When they’re unfamiliar with it or why they even need it, the company is in for an uphill battle all the way. 

Relying on the confirmation of a ready market and improving on what has already been done is a safer route.  

#4 Control the Expenditures

Expansion plans shouldn’t “bet the farm” by spending so much that should the plan fail, the business will too. Careful plans are needed as well as a cautious monitoring of expenditures to ensure they don’t fall outside of the parameters that make them unaffordable. Otherwise, it’s all too easy to keep investing in a losing project and sinking the business. If you don’t feel capable of that, then hire an accountant to sound the alarm to rein in excess spen2ding. 

Expansion plans are great. However, sometimes companies can grow too fast or hit rough waters. Slower, steady expansion is far more manageable than a bumpy, irregular one. Find the middle ground to make it a success.

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