5 Benefits of Digital Directories for Buildings and Commercial Properties


Whenever you enter a mall or commercial shopping complex, finding what you are looking for can be challenging. There are numerous stories in one building, and navigating through a multistory building can be difficult if you don’t know what to do. Thankfully, property owners install digital directories to help visitors find their way to their desired place in the building without any difficulty. 

If you want to build a directory with touch screen software for your building, you can contact digital directory experts who will guide you throughout the process. They understand the need for digital directories and help you with a customized solution according to your needs. To help you further, here are five benefits of digital directories for buildings that you should know.

  • Improved Customer Experience

Visitors visit your property to either buy something, roam around, or meet someone. Regardless of their intention, it’s essential that they quickly reach their desired destination without difficulty. If the customer or visitors get confused or lost, it can create a negative image of your building. They may not consider revisiting your property.

Digital directories ensure that your visitors find the exact location and a way to reach there. Digital directories come with in-built software that makes them interactive and responsive to customer queries. The customer finds the way to their desired destination and gets a positive feeling about how convenient it was to reach there.

  • Market Your Products and Services Better

Digital directories are a great way to market your product and services. They have digital screens that can display a huge amount of information without compromising the quality. As a property or building owner, you can access and right to determine what you can display on the screen. 

Digital directories get a lot of interaction from visitors. Each visitor spends a few minutes on the screen until they find what they are looking for. You can also offer the ad space on the screen to other businesses in the building to create an additional stream of revenue. 

  • Freedom of Location

Digital directories might look big, but they are easily transportable. You can change the locations according to the footfall on your property. Seeing where most of the visitors go when they try to look for something may help you find the best place for the directory.

Many times people go to the reception kiosk in the shopping malls to enquire about the location of a particular place. You can put the digital directory at your reception so most customers can see and use it. You can also put multiple directories on each floor so the customer can find everything they want.

  • Attracting New Tenants

It can be a good investment if you own a commercial property and want to build a directory with touch screen software. It can be an excellent step to attract new tenants. You can advertise different features of your property, such as security, space, location, power backups, and ease of navigation, among other prominent features. You can also advertise your vacant rooms and stores so the tenant can get the information right on the directory screen.

  • Building Trust and Credibility

When visitors come across the digital directory, they feel like you have invested your time, money, and effort to help the visitor find things and places around your property. That shows you can go out of your way for your customers and tenants. It builds trust and credibility in the minds of the customers and tenants.

Digital directories are highly beneficial for buildings and commercial properties. Make sure you strategically place them around your building to get the maximum eyeballs and better ROI.

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