5 Benefits Of Enrolling for Medical Billing and Coding Certification


Thanks to the pandemic, there has never been a better time for medical coding. The average salary of medical billing and professional coding ranges between $56,652 and $80,550. These are at least 27% higher than what non-certified professionals make. The more specialized your field, the higher the pay.

If you consider a career in this field, a medical billing and coding certification can be your ticket to success. The certificate offers many advantages; the top five have been discussed here.

Earn While You Learn

The topmost benefit of a certification program is that you can work as a biller and coder even while pursuing your degree. Since billing requires only a high school degree, you can start working in the profession and enroll in the program to enhance your skills. 

Your salary without certification will be less, but you can expect a quick jump in compensation and rapid career advancement once a certified biller and coder.

Remote Work Options

Once you become a certified biller and coder, you can work remotely as you have learned the trade tricks to work independently. Based on your company policy, you may have to visit your office once a week or less. 

Remote work became the way of life after COVID struck, whether we liked it. Most people preferred it as it gave them the flexibility to care for their dependents while pursuing their careers.

The Shortest Medical Course

A medical coding course is probably the shortest medical course out there. It takes as little as 36 weeks to complete the course and start working in the medical field. A certification helps you carve a niche for yourself by displaying your skills. 

Once certified, you can also work as a freelancer for more than one company. Freelance work allows you to make the most of high seasons and make a little extra while doing what you love.

Career Advancement and Better Salary

While coding and billing need only a high school diploma, you can advance your career in the medical billing field with certification. You can move from a professional biller to a risk adjustment coder and experienced practice manager. As your career advances, you can also expect your salary to increase.

Start Your Own Coding Business

Once you are certified, you can also start your own coding and billing business. You need reliable coding and billing software, hardware, and computers, register your business, hire professionals such as lawyers, and rent an office space. Once all these are in place, you can bid for a coding project with multiple insurance companies. 

Your overhead costs are pretty low for such a business. In the beginning, you may have to spend time doing things yourself, but as you get more projects, you can start hiring specialists to handle them while you focus on advancing your business.

A medical billing and coding certification offers many benefits and is your ticket into the medical field without spending years on education. Given the present state of global health, the profession will be in much demand in the foreseeable future.

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