5 Best Budget Refrigerators on the Market in Canada


Your search for affordable but high-quality refrigerators in the market in Canada is over today. You just landed on a list of some of the best refrigerators that will meet all your needs and give you value for your money. We compiled some five refrigerators and analyzed their features and prices so that you may make an informed choice.

  • LG LMXS28596D


Price Range: $ 2,000-2,200 CAD

This InstaView LG’s new 27.6 cu ft. refrigerator gives you all the space you need for your family’s favorite food. Its unique Door-in-Door is a sleek glass panel that enables you to clearly view the inside of the easy access door without allowing the cold air out. You can get alerts on your smartphone whenever the fridge door is opened, your water filter needs replacement, or you need to control the temperature remotely.

The fridge is fitted with two separate freezer drawers for easy and organized access to the things you need from the refrigerator. Don’t worry about the door freshness as the door cooling plus air duct helps to keep door contents at top-notch freshness. You wouldn’t want to imagine the place you store your food, attracting and retaining stains. That is why the LG French Door refrigerator gives you a stainless experience without special cleaners and attention. With the PrintProof ability, you can easily wipe off stains with a soft dry cloth.


  • Smart cooling system.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Special alerts on your smartphone.
  • Wide storage space.


  • Ice maker should be more reliable.
  • Noisy operations.


  • Maytag MFF2055FRZ


Price Range: $ 1,600-1,800 CAD

This 30-inch wide French door refrigerator from Maytag is made using heavy-duty components and features that deliver the kind of cold that you need for all your food preservations. It features fingerprint resistant stainless steel outer case to keep the fridge looking as excellent on the outside as it is on the inside. It has deli drawers that are temperature-controlled and wide to provide a perfect place for keeping deli items so that they stay fresh for longer.

Additionally, the refrigerator is very durable as it is made of stainless steel handles that offer you something hardy to grab on to. Plus, it has a ten years limited parts warranty on the compressor. This means it can provide you with its services for many years. Its wide freezer is situated at the bottom, leaving you with a lot of space on the upper part for storing your foodstuff.


  • Three-door units are fitting in a small space.
  • Large freezer.
  • Great interior design.
  • Plenty of space.
  • Runs quietly.


  • Costly compressor replacement.
  • Plastic vents are not durable.


  • Whirlpool WRS586FIEM


Price Range: $1,500-1,750 CAD

This 36-inch side-by-side refrigerator comes with 25.6 cu ft capacity promises you nothing but the best refrigerating services a top-notch fridge would offer you. It prides itself on its Accu-Chill temperature management system that senses and adapts temperatures with the help of built-in sensors that measure the internal temperature. The fridge activates the compressor only when it is necessary, giving you efficient cooling performance. With its wall-to-wall frameless glass shelves, you can store more items on these shelves offering greater storage ability.

Furthermore, it comes with adaptive defrost abilities, which help to save more energy by controlling the compressor’s activity and defrosting only when necessary, resulting in improved food preservation and energy saving. So you do not have to worry about shooting electricity charges. Plus, it comes with internal LED lighting that makes it easy to use even when it is dark in the room. The lighting puts a spotlight on your food and casts a more natural light on your refrigerator’s contents, making your food appear as naturally as they should.


  • Hidden hinges.
  • Odor-reducing air filter.
  • Adjustable gallon door bins.
  • Unique ice filtration system.


  • Very loud operations.
  • The frozen section spoils food more often.Frigidaire FGTR1837TD


Price Range: $ 1,000-1,200 CAD

The 18.0 Cu. Ft. Top freezer refrigerator comes with a myriad of unique and useful features, ideal for all your refrigeration needs. Its humidity-controlled crisper drawers are designed to keep your fruits and vegetable fresh so you won’t have to worry about stocking up of fruits and vegetables. When there is a spill on the fridge, there is a SpillSafe shelf that prevents the liquid spills from pouring onto other shelves below and also making the cleaning process easy and efficient.

The bright LED lighting system comes in handy when you search for your favorite yogurt in the fridge at night. It makes it easier to find your foodstuff without rearranging or knocking things down. For the food that needs freezing, the refrigerator has a full-width wire freezer shelf that not only freezes your food but also has adequate space where you can organize your food items perfectly. Inclusion of the full-width deli drawer offers you a conveniently located storage option to make it easy to access choice food items such as deli meat and cheeses.


  • Easy to maintain clean.
  • Great lighting system.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Frost-free.


  • Loud noises.


  • LG LDCS24223S


Price Range: $ 990-1100 CAD

This LG is just as great as the other fridges we have seen above. Its bottom freezer fridge has excellent temperature control and uniformity. Its large capacity of 24.1 Cu. Ft offers you the ample space you need to store your foodstuff coupled with its smart cooling system, which ensures the foodstuff is kept fresh and maintained in such conditions for extended periods.

It comes with contoured doors, hidden hinges, and a couple of great interior features that team up to give it a sophisticated look from the outside and inside. Superior humidity and temperature control are achieved with the multi-air flow freshness system, which keeps your food fresher for longer.


  • Excellent lighting system.
  • Durable.
  • Reversible door.
  • Quick and efficient troubleshooting. 


  • Faulty cooling system.
  • Loud operations.

Now that you have your refrigerator, it is ideal that you take good care of it to avoid constant failures and inconveniences. However, when the inevitable happens, and you cannot count on most customer care services’ bureaucracy, you can always reach us at Appliance Technician Ltd for the best repair and maintenance services. Do not let a simple technical failure steal away your everyday life while we are a call away.

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