5 Modern Communication Technology Solutions to Digitally Transform Your Business


The influence of digital technologies has become quite pervasive in recent times, and its importance is even more necessary during the current Covid-19 pandemic that we’re going through. 

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a business where modern technologies can make the most impact. Having an efficient communication network within a business is essential for activities such as collaboration between different teams, staying in touch with the customers, etc. 

In this article, we will be taking a look at the top 5 modern communication technology solutions with the potential of transforming businesses. 

5 Modern Communication Technology Solutions for Businesses 

  • Cloud Phone Systems

    A cloud phone system, as the name suggests, utilizes cloud-hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to provide communication services.

    As the system is cloud-hosted, the infrastructure need not be set up within the business premises. There are service providers that offer cloud phone services for a monthly/yearly fee.Apart from offering traditional calling features such as voicemail and call recording, cloud phone systems also offer advanced features such as the ability to convert a conference call into an online meeting with audio, video, and instant messaging support
  • SD-WAN
    SD-WAN stands for Software-defined Wide Area Network. With the implementation of SD-WAN technologies, the network within an organization can be virtually configured to support any type of transport services such as broadband, LTE, and MPLS.

    Moreover, the traffic within the network is intelligently monitored and controlled thus ensuring faster app performance, enhanced user experience, and ultimately, improved productivity of business operations

  • Instant Messaging Solutions
    As most business operations are run remotely these days, there exists a necessity for a channel to increase cooperation and communication between teams in a business.

    This is where the importance of instant messaging solutions kicks in. Instant Messaging services like Slack, Flock, etc. allow for easy communication between teams, increase collaboration, and thus increase the productivity and efficiency of the operations regardless of where the employee(s) work from.

  • WebRTC
    Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is a technology that allows for audio & video communication through the web browser. Thus, users don’t have to download/install any plugin or application on their devices to text or call others.

    The connection establishment, security bypass, and data transfer between the communicating parties happen in real-time. The data is not passed through any third-party server and the communication happens directly between the user browsers.

    WebRTC is an open-source technology and most leading web browsers are now incorporating support for the technology. Being an open-source technology, its access is absolutely free. Moreover, as WebRTC only depends on the web browser, it works regardless of the device you use or the platform it runs on

  • VoIP
    Voice over Internet Protocol is still a viable and cheap alternative to having a traditional communication network.

    Moreover, as the business workforce is increasingly opting for remote work, VoIP also becomes a highly efficient and easy method to offer the calling functionality to all the employees regardless of whether they work from. 

Final Words 

Remote working is becoming a favourable option for both the business as well as their employees. However, providing a reliable and robust work environment even while at home is quite a challenge for businesses. 

Offering a reliable means for business communication is the first way to allow employees to work efficiently at home, and the modern technologies such as SD-WAN, cloud phone, WebRTC, etc. definitely make the task easier for businesses to implement quick & efficient communication mechanism and also makes the experience of using the communication system user-friendly and easy to understand.

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