5 New Real Estate Development Technologies for 2022


The real estate industry is constantly evolving, and new technologies are emerging to help developers streamline creating new properties. This blog post will discuss 5 of the most cutting-edge technologies that are expected to make a significant impact in the real estate market in 2022. 

Augmented Reality

Real estate developers like Damon Becnel use augmented reality to improve their business. For instance, AR can be used for marketing purposes, allowing potential buyers to get a virtual tour of a property before it is built. This can help to generate interest and excitement for a development project. Additionally, AR can be used for planning and design purposes, allowing developers to visualize how a proposed development will look and function in the real world.

Furthermore, AR can be used for construction purposes, providing a real-time view of the construction site and helping to track progress. Finally, AR can also be used for maintenance and management purposes, allowing developers to quickly identify and fix problems on-site. When correctly set up and used, augmented reality can be a powerful tool for real estate developers.


Drones are becoming increasingly popular in various industries, and real estate is no exception. Drones can be used for marketing purposes, providing potential buyers with a unique property perspective. They can also be used for construction purposes, allowing developers to get a bird’s eye view of the progress on-site. 

Drones can be used for inspections, helping identify potential property problems before they become too costly to fix. When it comes to real estate, drones are genuinely changing the game. If you’re not already using them in your business, now is to start.


Robotics is another cutting-edge technology that is beginning to make its way into the real estate industry. Robotics can be used for various purposes, including construction, inspections, and maintenance. For instance, robotics can automate repetitive tasks on construction sites, such as bricklaying or welding. Additionally, they can be used for inspections, providing a detailed property analysis. Finally, robotics can also be used for maintenance tasks, such as painting or cleaning.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another technology that is expected to significantly impact the real estate industry in the years to come. AI can be used for various purposes, including marketing, sales, and customer service. For instance, AI can generate targeted marketing campaigns based on customer data. 

AI can be used to provide personalized recommendations to potential buyers. Finally, AI can also improve customer service by providing agents with data-driven insights. Damon Becnel says artificial intelligence should be incorporated into your operation if you want to give your real estate business a competitive edge.

3D Printing

Real estate developers can use 3D printing to create models of proposed buildings. This can help to give potential buyers a better idea of what the finished product will look like. It can also be used to create prototypes of new design concepts. When setting up a 3D printer, it is vital to choose a model that is appropriate for the size and complexity of the projects that will be printed. The printer should also be set up in a well-ventilated area to prevent fumes from build-up.

Once the printer is set up, developers can begin creating models. To create a model, developers will need to create a 3D file of the proposed building. This can be done using computer-aided design (CAD) software. Once the file is created, it can be downloaded onto the 3D printer. The printer will then create a physical model of the building. This process can be used to develop models of both commercial and residential buildings.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the new technologies expected to significantly impact the real estate industry in the years to come. If you’re not already using these technologies in your business, now is to start.

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