5 Technical Factors for Soccer Betting Tips

5 Technical Factors for Soccer Betting Tips

Soccer betting can be both fun and rewarding if you know how to place the right bets. But it can take years to gain the knowledge, experience, methodology, and insight required to become a successful punter. And by success, it means winning consistently and making profits every season. This is possible only if you get the help of a Soccer Prediction Site.

Important Technical Factors

Many technical factors are evaluated by experienced tipsters at a Soccer Prediction Site to come up with winning predictions. Some of the most important ones include the following:

i. Goal Expectancy

Consider the goal expectancy of a match. A typical soccer betting tips can provide you information about this factor.

  • Check the match previews for information on potential goals from the experts
  • Check the ball possession rates for both sides
  • Check the goal data related to the history of matches between the 2 sides

This information should help you determine how many goals both sides are likely to score against each other.

ii. Goal Differential

Goal differential is another important technical factor that affects Soccer betting tips.

  • It is a readily available statistical data
  • It provides a good insight into what can be expected from an upcoming match

Even when evaluating this factor, it is important to realize that soccer matches can always give unexpected results. It will be required to check the past matches to be able to make accurate predictions.

iii. Shots on Goal

It is not always the number of goals scored by a team in the past matches that make the big difference. Check each team’s average shots on goal. The higher the average is, the higher will be the chances of a team scoring. Find and evaluate the data for the following factors:

  • Ball possession rates
  • Number of shots
  • Shots on goal

Teams having higher possession rates usually have better shots. To simplify it, focus on basic shots metrics. Check the total shots on and off the target in their last few matches.

iv. Position of Shots

Successful tipsters on a Soccer Prediction Site also take into account the position on the field where the shots are taken from. Many clubs have a unique trend of making their best shots from specific positions. Similarly, the opposite side can have the best defense at specific points on the field. It will be required to determine the potential shots from different positions.

v. Team Lineup

When coming up with your betting tips 1×2, it is also important to check the players who will make it to the field. Look at the key players on both sides. The key players are going to play the most important role in improving the chances of each side. At the same time, you should consider the role of the new players because they can also influence the results. It is also important to consider the influence of the players that are in the current form. These could be any players, not just the stars.

So make sure to consider all these technical factors when coming up with your Soccer betting tips. You can also take advantage of tips from soccer prediction websites to increase your chances of winning.

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