5 UX Features that Make an Online Platform Go from Good to Great!


What makes an online platform great? It’s a pretty loaded question, since many elements must act synergistically to achieve successful operations. There are certain standards that must be met to qualify for ‘great status’. For starters, the online platform must target customers in a meaningful way. An interactive, engaging, and converting platform is the result of innovative design processes, effective search engine optimization, and customer satisfaction. Success is only possible when the user experience is favorable, and customers are satisfied with the offering.

What is the user experience and how can it be improved?

Anyone can set up an online platform, but how will that online platform resonate with users? It’s no mean feat establishing a powerful online presence. Stakeholders are really interested in building a sustainable business where users are frequenting the online platform time and again. The purpose of building a base of loyal patrons is retention. This naturally lends itself to profitability. Website designers work hard to craft online platforms to perfection. Anything less than a positive user experience is a failure. Of course, it’s imperative that the online platform is thoroughly enjoyable, and accessible at all times. Usability and utility value are paramount.

The ‘Wow Factor’ is one thing but ultimately, it’s about how players interact with the platform that makes it successful. Intuitive navigation, design simplicity, attractiveness, and engagement level are core elements of the user experience. The objective is to enhance the user experience by adding value throughout. Multiple elements factor into this equation, including landing page optimization, branding, navigation, search and filters, loading times, banking options, customer support, calls to action, and the sales funnel. 

This expose reveals 5 UX features that will dramatically transform an online platform from good to great. Let’s begin.

Animation and visuals are sacrosanct with online gaming platforms. There was a time when designers eschewed the use of rich animation and HD audio-visual because Internet connectivity was limited. Nowadays, animation and visuals are absolutely essential with online gaming platforms. Not only are they engaging, captivating, and interactive, they also separate the best online gaming platforms like 888poker from the mediocre ones. Nobody likes poor animation; feature-rich animation with 3D visuals is all the rage. Online gaming platforms need to step it up a gear if they want to rank highly with their fans. 

What’s on the menu? The menu must portray all relevant info to the customer. This includes details of the goods and services available to customers. Too many websites present too much information in one place. This is a no-no. Less is more. A comprehensive menu with drop down options and neatly designed categories makes for a much more engaging user experience. The objective is to simplify the onboarding process as much as possible. Well-designed menus have prominent calls to action with easy-to-use registration options.

Functionality is a big component of the user experience. This is particularly true with live gaming where players expect uninterrupted connectivity, quick-click gameplay, and maximum usability. It’s one thing dressing up an online gaming platform with all the bells and whistles to impress players, but if that website doesn’t work, it’s game over. An online platform must be fully functional to achieve its pre-stated purpose of satisfying its target market. Anything less is a failure. When card players, roulette players, or slot machine players are looking to cash in on the latest games, they want to be able to access those games quickly and easily. The design should not overshadow the functionality of the platform. 

Search functionality is a critical component of the user experience. An online gaming platform with a search option is much better positioned for success than one which requires players to search through pages of games to find the title they are looking for. Search functionality can make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for without searching through the entire platform. In the case of an online poker platform, a search option makes it much easier for players to source their favourite games by title, or by category. For example, card games, table games, slot machine games, and live dealer games. Within each category, players can drill down further into game variants.

Tailored content enhances the user experience when a brand operates across multiple markets. In the case of online poker platform, customized content includes a bigger focus on games enjoyed by that target market, promotions crafted for that audience, and site design and layout which resonates with those players. Background images, language options, banking options, and game selections are examples of how websites tailor content to meet player expectations. It’s important to stress that tailored content must be available to customers in a specific region.

These elements work together to ensure that an online platform goes from good to great. The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts and that’s the power of synergy!

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