6 Best Fashion Jewellery trends for party-goers

6 Best Fashion Jewellery trends for party-goers

It goes without saying that your outfit remains incomplete without the jewellery and this stands stronger for party-goers. Getting dressed for a party is half as much as the fun of the party itself. 

Nevertheless, jewelry is a very subjective topic. From the person wearing it to the event itself, styles might change. A girl’s night out might require a style of its own from a family closed-knit get together. Here we are sharing the few top fashion jewelry trends for all types of parties and are some of the best jewelry gifts as well: 

  • Cocktail rings 

You might wonder how a ring can make such a difference. However, it is important to note that our hands do half as much as talking as our mouths. Hand gestures are often forms of expression that come naturally to people. Whether it is a gentle wave, handshake or even slipping a strand of hair behind your ear, your hand does the talking. A cocktail ring is a large and striking ring with a prominent stone giving it the bling. They are perfect for cocktail parties, as their name suggests, and any other party that could use some glamour. 

  • Chandelier Earrings 

As the name suggests, these earrings gimmick a chandelier form of design giving it a rich and elegant look. They come embellished with different types of stone of your choice and could go well with different types of outfits. Be it a long cocktail dress or a saree, choosing the right design of chandelier earrings can lift up your look by a notch. This is one of the best jewellery gift for girlfriend as well. 

  • The classic loops 

The classic loops are the simplest and quickest way to get stylish without much effort. Over the years, the classic go-to silver hoops have got several makeovers into gold, rustic, and stonework loops. Matching your style according to the occasion would just do the trick. 

  • Choker necklaces 

While one might think this is a new trend in the world of fashion jewelry, there is evidence to prove us wrong. Choker necklaces have made their statement in jewelry long ago. If you are wearing a deep neck top or a dress or an off-shoulder top, choker necklaces would be a perfect pick to complete your outfit. Drawing attention to your face, this fashion jewelry piece is a must-have in every party-goers wardrobe collection. 

  • Layered necklaces 

New in the trend game, are the layered necklaces styles. Although this seems like some intense work, it’s super easy. All you have to do is look for similar necklaces of different lengths and layer them up one after the other until you fall in love with the look. Don’t overdo them and make them look chunky. It is meant to be a simplistic and casual chic flick look. The best part of layering necklaces is that it is a versatile look that can go with both deep necks and closed necked outfits. 

  • Stacked rings 

Similar to the layered necklace style, the stacked rings are doing the rounds among fashion lovers as well. You can either stack up rings on one finger or spread them across different fingers across. It’s completely up to your style and comfort. One chunky ring among so many others would be the perfect attention-grabbing accessory to finish your outfit of the day. Not just for parties, but also for concerts, festivals, and more, this is one favorite look among many. 

These simple fashion trends are every party-goers “must haves”. 

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