8 Career Paths with a Manufacturing Masters


Figuring out what to do when you’ve graduated can be a hard task. So, it pays to know what your options are, how long it will take to get there, and how much you can expect to earn. Completing a Master’s in Manufacturing will set you aside as a master of modern manufacturing theories. You will be able to gain employment with leading manufacturers including vehicle automation. No matter what your role is, you will endeavor to reduce wastage and production times. If you need some steering, you’re in the right place. Below, we have gathered together eight careers that you can explore with a manufacturing master. 

What is a Manufacturing Masters?

A Masters in Manufacturing Engineering online from a school like Kettering Global will teach you a range of modern manufacturing processes. Primarily, the course will focus on marketing you as a leader in the field. You will learn about the history and the future of manufacturing alongside taking in the global market. Students can expect to analyze their work using the regulations and standards imposed on the manufacturing industry. By the time you have finished your course, you will understand how to keep up with the modern changing world. 

Manufacturing Engineer

As a manufacturing engineer, you will be responsible for designing and operating systems used for production. Using your knowledge of the industry and your tech know-how, you will use innovation to better the supply chain. When designing the manufacturing process, you will need to be mindful of time and cost. Your job is to be cost-effective while ensuring the operating staff stays safe. When you apply for jobs, you may be hired to revolutionize engine-powered systems using robotics. Alternatively, you may be asked to take an existing manufacturing process and reduce the cost. 

In terms of pay, you can expect to earn around $88,900 annually, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) suggesting this will increase by 10% by 2029. 

Quality Engineer

A quality engineer works in tandem with the quality assurance team to ensure that the final product is of the best quality. Their part in the process is to determine how products are tested, create documentation, and contribute to the fixing of issues. Your role will vary depending on the company you end up working with, but will typically involve quality control, Six Sigma, quality by design, and quality risk management. To do well in this role, you will need to be a master communicator, display excellent critical thinking, and have impeccable numerical skills. 

On average, quality engineers are paid an annual average salary of around $85,000. 

Mechanical Engineer

Being a mechanical engineer will see you working throughout all stages of the manufacturing process. Typically, their work involves research and the development of manufacturing ideas. In this role, your daily work will include the analysis and testing of systems, the investigation of failures, and the overall caretaking of the manufacturing line. To go far in this career, you will need to understand robotics, automation, and heating/cooling systems. 

The estimated salary for a mechanical engineer is $71,000 according to 


Machinists play a vital role in manufacturing because they are responsible for the creation of machinery. Typically, they will work with aluminum, copper, and brass to bring to life technical drawings. You will need to understand how to operate electronic equipment and the technical processes behind them. In this role, your work will largely involve the replacement of broken equipment in the manufacturing line. Venturing into this career is exciting, and can see you working with military projects such as aircraft production. 

According to Career Explore, the average salary for a machinist in America is $44,200 per year. 

Process Engineer

Process engineering is a relatively new area that supports the technological and economic development of industries worldwide. You will be responsible for transforming raw materials into products of value. Further, you will control, design, implement, and optimize the manufacturing process. If your career takes you into medical manufacturing, you may need to deal with chemical and biochemical products. Following a career in this role can be extremely varying, which makes it a great choice. 

In the United States, the average salary for a process engineer is $77,650 per year. 

Project Engineer

A project engineer works behind the scenes to ensure that engineering and construction efforts stick to a budget and timeframe. You will oversee the daily engineering plans and work closely with project management. This role lends itself perfectly to people with fantastic interpersonal skills. Also, you will work to convert client criteria into workable solutions. To do well in this role, you need to have adequate education as well as practical experience in the field as an engineer. 

For the average project manager, the rate of pay is around $77,200 per year. 

Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers work hard to ensure an effective manufacturing process that takes into account the workforce, mechanics, information, and materials. Typically, work will take place in an office through research and analyzing data. However, in some cases, they may need to work on-site so they can see what they are working on. 

This area of expertise is growing fast, and you can expect to earn around $89,000 per year.

Design Engineer

Design engineers are creative engineering experts responsible for the innovation and creation of new products. You will research the current market and spend time creating plans, which will then be created by the process engineer. With all the changes in the industry at the moment, this is a great career to choose, and it’s extremely open-ended. 

Typically, you will be earning around $75,000 per year, with the top in the field earning six figures. 

Technology is advancing, and the manufacturing processes are responsible for keeping the wheels turning. Completing a master’s in engineering will prove your knowledge of the modern systems and can lead to an extremely lucrative career, with those at the top of their role taking home a very generous salary. 

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