8 Parmigiani Fleurie Unique Watch Designs For Men And Women

8 Parmigiani Fleurie Unique Watch Designs For Men And Women

Being at the forefront of the battle seems to be a big task, especially for a beginner. But not for someone like Michel Parmigiani. Through innovation and effort, he made a brand of luxury watches established in 1996.

Parmigiani Fleurier showcases unique styles of watches with two decades of excellence. With the swiss touches on watchmaking, the Parmigiani Fleurier watches made its name. Here is a list of watches you might like:

Men’s Watches

  • Toric Automatic Slate Dial 41mm 18ct Red Gold Men’s Watch

Price: 1, 809, 000 Yen

This Parmigiani Fleurier Toric series has a good balance of color. The Rose gold touches on the watch compliments the dark colors on it. The abstract design on the watch gives an illusion that symbolizes infinite dimensions.

This PF441-COSC caliber, 4Hz 40.8mm diameter watch has a water resistance depth of 30m. It has 18ct Red Gold and 29 jewels.

  • Tonda Automatic Blue Dial 42mm Stainless Steel Men’s Watch

Price: 1, 972, 637 Yen

Do you have long-distance loved ones? Then this watch is for you. The watch has a dual time and day/night which can indicate 2 time zones at a time. This will surely be great for contacting your loved ones without disturbing their routine/work.

This watch has a blue leather strap which complements the ocean blue color of the watch. It also has a date indicator in it. This PF337 caliber and stainless steel have a 42mm diameter and water resistance of 30m depth.

  • Tonda 1950 Lune Automatic Blue Dial 39mm Stainless steel Men’s Watch

Price: 1, 099, 910 Yen

Miss the ocean already? With this Tonda series watch, the ocean feels like it is within your grasps. The abyss blue color of the watch exudes finesse with fashion. The lines are playing with your eyes; ocean waves. If you are also fond of the Full moon or any phases of the moon, you are picking the right watch for you. This watch has a Moon phase indicator which could tell the Phase of the moon.

This PF708 caliber automatic watch has a 39.1mm diameter and a water resistance depth of 30m. It has also stainless-steel material and 29 jewels.

  • Tonda Hemispheres Automatic Ivory Dial 42mm Stainless steel Men’s Watch

Price: 2, 018, 091

Ivory colors are warm and soft. It relaxes your eyes and brightens your mood. There are also studies on classrooms that the color of the environment affects student learning, in this case, white and blue.

The watch has a 2-time zone and day/night indicator. The date indicator as well is put perfectly on the left side. Although it looks compact, it blends perfectly with all the features. Not to mention the diamonds surrounding the watch. Magnifico!

This Tonda series watch has 38 jewels, 42mm diameter, and stainless-steel material. The 30m water resistance depth is an add-on to this luxurious watch.

  • Tonda 1950 Automatic White Dial 39mm 18ct Rose Gold Men’s Watch

Price: 1, 290, 819

Who hates classics? No one. The sleek design of this classic watch should never be ignored. The removal of the numbers fit the features of the watch. The Brown leather strap with the pointed hour/minute hands, Rose gold finish, and white color blend into perfection.

This PF701 caliber watch has 29 jewels and a 30m depth of water resistance. This Tonda series has luminous hands, and the diameter of the watch is 39mm.

This one fits with any dress code!

Women’s Watches

  • Tonda Metropolitaine Selene Automatic Blue Dial 33.70mm Stainless steel Ladies Watch

Price: 1, 350, 741 Yen

Have you heard about the Fullmetal Alchemist? The anime uses markings/signs to transform one form of a material into another without violating science. The markings look so familiar with the design of the watch.

It has a moon phase indicator and date as well. Have you seen the stones surrounding it? You cannot go wrong with that.

This PF318 caliber automatic watch has a stainless-steel material with 28 jewels. The diameter is 33.7mm and has a 30m depth of water resistance.

  • Parmigiani Kaparisma Nova 18kt PFC125-1000700-HE2421

Price: 1, 590, 819 Yen

Classy and flashy. Looking for a watch to wear all day with no boundary for dress codes? Well, this one is for you. The color combination of gold and white just never gets old. It has always been a go-to design.

It has a minute and hour hand with no second hand. The wedges on the hours give a sleek design. And the distorted twinkling star at 6 o’clock… Just brilliant!

This automatic watch is a new product of Parmigiani Fleurier, so there are no other details on this watch. Make sure to watch out for additional info!

  • Tonda Metropolitaine Automatic Blue Dial 33.1mm Stainless steel Ladies Watch

Price: 1, 063, 546 Yen

A wish under a thousand stars? Oh wait, should I say a million? This watch is aesthetically good. It is like gazing under an infinite number of stars. Imagine having the look of the universe right there on your wrist.

This PF310 caliber watch is a stainless steel material. It has a diameter of 33.1mm and a depth of 30m water resistance. Inclusive with it is the date indicator and 28 jewels. The stones? Just buy it!

The exquisite design of the watches is a fruit of labor, hard work, and innovation. Michel Parmigiani showed us that age is just a number. It’s either you are too young to waste your time or too old that you’re running out of time. The brand shows rare designs with just 2 decades of experience and proved to everybody what the game is all about.


Parmigiani Fleurier’s collections are one of a kind. These luxurious watches are available in The Watch Company.Com. I know sometimes you’re tired, so you deserved a treat! You can order it online and deliver it while having a foot spa and drinking a hot tea on your porch. Make sure to check out all the luxury watch designs, I’m sure you’ll love them!

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