What can we learn from previous ACCA papers?


Students tend to learn and adopt things differently; some might find something really important while others would never appreciate the significance of that particular thing. Exam strategies are always crafted as per the student’s convenience. Consulting previous year papers is a great option to comprehend the better ways of approaching an exam. They enable students to understand the examiner’s point of perception towards a particular subject and learn more from ACCA papers.

Read ahead to learn more about the ways of utilizing the previous year ACCA papers.

  • Look out for authority words for carefully examining the question and the type of answer it demands from students. There are different ways of approaching a particular question, but the correct answer always lies in the question. Students need to understand and solve previous year papers to better understand the ways of solving a particular question. 
  • Consulting previous year paper is considered as an efficient way of increasing knowledge and ethics of professional ACCA exam. You can focus on developing valuable skills in finance, accounting, organizational management, and strategy.
  • It is a great opportunity to significantly reduce the training costs of the student and the ACCA course will never limit your employment status to a particular domain but will increase the scope of your career globally. The ACCA has partnered with many employers worldwide enabling its members and students to explore diverse career opportunities with almost 8500 approved employers by the ACCA. These organizations work in collaboration with ACCA to increase the career prospects of their members.
  • You can learn to manage your time well by preparing topics as per the past papers. It will give you a set time frame to complete your preparation on time. The success and duration to qualify the ACCA exam to depend solely on a student’s solid foundation of critical concepts with the combination of advanced analytical and critical skills to enable them to grapple the requirements of this exam.
  • Divide the question paper as per the concepts mentioned in the syllabus. Always start by preparing notes which can be consulted at any point in time to clarify the doubts. It will act as a source document comprising of syllabus, important topics, and question bank to familiarize yourself with the subject. Try to divide the syllabus into main components based on questions drawn from each section.
  • The questions in the ACCA exam are based on Multiple Choice Questions, True and False, Multiple Response Matching Questions, and Number Entry Questions. You need to understand the ways of attempting a set of questions. Examine and highlight the past year papers to understand the questions better.
  • Understand the basics of learning practices and the expectations associated with it. The first thing is to consider all the available resources and to recognize the best practices for gaining the most out of the past year papers
  • You need to dedicate a significant amount of time for chalking out the criteria that you have set for yourself. Then you can concentrate on full commitment to your learning process. It is advised to get a review before signing up for any online ACCA program.
  • Test yourself using those papers and evaluate your preparation strategy. Research about the latest advancements in the ACCA qualification to strategize your learning process. Improvise your skills to sync in with the latest gadgets as it’s crucial to technologically advanced certification courses like ACCA.
  • Preparing bullet points with clear sentences will let you evaluate your previous attempts at qualifying the ACCA qualification. 

If you are interested in qualifying ACCA qualification, start by preparing now.

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