Adam Back is behind Satoshi Nakamoto?


The computer scientist and Cypher-punk Adam Back should have contact with the real Satoshi Nakamoto. According to Bitcoin Fans suspect that actually he is behind the Pseudonym. Now the CEO of a block stream has been denied in a discussion round again that he is the Creator of the Bitcoins.

The speculations on Satoshi Nakamoto, there is no end

The Bitcoin is spreading more and more in our daily life. Regardless of whether Bitcoin with credit card to buy with crypto affordable product currencies spectra or with Kryptos in the holiday pay. But still, the crypto-Community do not know who is hiding behind the Pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Again and again it is assumed that it must be the Bitcoin Guru and the inventor of Hashcash, Adam Back. Finally, the crypto brings graph sufficient background knowledge for this task.

In a 40-minute Documentation the user Barely Sociable called “Bitcoin unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto” is Back even now again as a possible candidate. This Thesis is the Twitter user @ggmesh takes up in turn:

“Adam Back @adam3us Satoshi Nakamoto is. Explains a lot about #Bitcoin & @block-stream. I’m sure that a trace of the NDA hiding a cat out of the bag. “You do not even bother to open the Software?” LOL. Amazing Work @Barely Sociable.“

@ggmesh all that effort

Furthermore, the refinement takes the “Adam Back = Satoshi Nakamoto”-Thesis: “I watched a part of your Videos and I will see later even more. I repeat: it is UNREALISTIC that a man with Adam’s Background Bitcoin could have been so ignored for many years (during an academic break from 2005 to 2010, while he moved to Malta a tax haven). Adam is Satoshi.“

Adam Back does not deny the Thesis with a simple “I do.” The user @TheVladCostea comes to a similar Result: “Here are some facts that may prove that you & Barely Sociable with your assumption is incorrect. A large amount of half-truths and distorted facts are not added to the positive data, it is just a psychological Trick.“

Now, we don’t know who is behind Satoshi Nakamoto, however, all Bitcoin should not be-traders is clear that this is for the success of the crypto-currency, apparently, of importance.

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Saurabh Singla
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