Air conditioning and its concepts


What is air conditioning?

Air Conditioning is the cooling, dehumidification, and filtration of the air located within the passenger compartment of your vehicle. It involves the mechanism where vehicle gas is converted to a cooling gas through the compressor and other specific components of the vehicle. The air conditioning system is a delicate one in the overall operation of the vehicle. It reacts to the instantaneous state of the circuit contained in the engine system. 

Concept of air condition wire harness

The air condition wiring harness, however, is a collection of various wire and conductive components that are put together to achieve vehicular cooling. It contains the mobile climate control systems, which is a collection of harnesses and cables that are required in connecting the air conditioning system directly to the source of power while perfectly communicating signals between components. The make up components of the air conditioning system transmit signals to aid the effectiveness of the cooling process.

In cases where individual wires receive more current than it can handle, there is an occurrence in which the wire shorts out. In such instances, there can be damage to equipment and may even lead to a fire hazard within the system. A lot of happenings similar to this have occurred that are attributed to power outage and worn out wires. However, harnessing these wires will ensure there is no wire shorting because the whole wire components would have been subjected to wire stripping machines, wire cutting machine and finally wire assembly harness. Through these phases, the harness is built which reduces the risk of moisture and heat on the wire that cause breaking .

Harnessing air conditioning wires helps to ensure tight ends through wire crimping. This reduces the risk of loose connections of the wires that transmit signals. If not bundled, wire tends to get dislodged and loosen in contact with the power source component. However, through bundling, the wires can easily be channelled directly into the power source circuit. Cases of loose wires cause malfunctioning of the air conditioning system

Environmental conditions that the vehicles are exposed to have a role to play in the underlying wiring architecture. Extreme cases can affect the wire such that they become exposed and put users at risk of electrocution and other hazards. Harnessing provides a stealthy build for these wires and make them less vulnerable to the environmental conditions. Harness has a specific job of providing a better atmosphere and housing for the wire components to become more efficient with less risk of danger. 

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