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Anthony Nguyen, CEO at The DART has a track record of success in the creative industry

Anthony Nguyen, CEO of DART

His entrepreneurial endeavors have all been a result of his pursuits for his passions. An alumnus of the prestigious University of California Irvine, Anthony began his entrepreneurial ventures way before his current big product.

He began with his LED toy invention called the SLYNG®, which led to the formation of a branding agency called ONEUP Collaborations®, and his latest creation in the cannabis market called the DART®.  

The SLYNG is a skill toy which is simple, sleek, and compact enough to fit in the pocket. The original version had a three light set up and was designed for dancers and performers in the EDM festival scene. 

After jokingly telling his friends that his dream job would be to “give light shows” after coming back from an EDM festival, Anthony started pursuing the dream of being able to do that by creating his own unique product for light shows.

Eventually, he started working on designing the prototype and trying to raise funding through Kickstarter as he was accompanied by a team of his close friends.

For the next few months, Anthony and his team were tested through the challenges every entrepreneur faces; they connected and associated with such a large number of stream specialists and individuals of the skill toy world while trying to find the right marketing strategy to generate sales when the product was ready.

The SLYNG had humble beginnings, with the first prototype being created from locally sourced products. Throughout the years it advanced into the three-light arrangement that is present today. It has been a critical piece of his light show performance, but a more simplified version is on the horizon to cater to the fidget and skill toy market. 

The DART is the modern day one-hitter that was designed to provide a streamlined solution to smoking cannabis. They were featured by High Times Magazine, currently in 50 countries, and are working with the biggest brands in the industry.

One hitters have been around for decades but many have been short lived due to the common flaws with what was available in today’s market. The DART was specifically designed to address the issues of being fragile, a hassle to clean, poor airflow, and overheating. 

The DART created by Anthony has specs such as anodized aircraft aluminum which adds to durability and high heat resistance. In addition the DART is easy to clean with it’s self-ashing system along with powerful airflow out of the device. The cannabis chamber allows for fully using the entirety of the flower as Anthony’s solution is optimal, sleak, and of high quality.

His mission is to inspire other entrepreneurs with his story and believes in educating consumers and creating awareness to help break the stigmas associated with cannabis use. Many times, cannabis leaves a bad taste in the mouth of lawmakers as well as many Americans but Anthony wants to change that and shed light to all the good cannabis does such as help cancer patients as well as help stressed or anxious professionals.

Follow the DART at @thedartco on instagram for updates and new releases.

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