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AO Elliott Wave – Advanced


June 17 ShowFx World Online presents you the first-ever Special Edition webinar with Coach Zul!

At the webinar you will learn

  1. Basic AO (recap)
  2. Recognize Divergence / Convergence / Hidden
  3. Easy Setup to get to know reentry
  4. AO and EW connection

What is Special Edition Webinar?

It’s a unique webinar organized together with General Sponsor Instaforex. The participation is FREE. The only requirement is to have a VERIFIED ACCOUNT at Instaforex.

What are the benefits of Special Edition?

  • Special content from coach Zul only for this webinar
  • Limited number of participants! 
  • Bigger prizes and bonuses!
  • More direct communication with Coach Zul answering all your questions 
  • Q/A session with Instaforex representative

About Coach Zul

  • Over 10 years of experience in Forex
  • One of the most popular and respected trading teachers in Malaysia
  • Has a network of more than 5000 students from Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei
  • Founder of the FMCBR trading method: the greatest combination of Fibo Musang (FM) and “Candlestick Break and Retest” (CBR)

Previous ShowFx World Online webinar with coach Zul was atttended by 1400 people!

How to use Awesome Oscillator?

The calculation developed by Bill Williams, while also an useful tool for EW analysis in wave identification.
Based on the simple moving average of the midpoint (HL / 2) of 34 periods minus the simple moving average of the midpoint of 5 periods, traders are suggested to learn about the five waves pattern, so at least able to do some simple correction during its development and after its completion.

AO oscillator can helps to recognize the following elements of the price action:

1. Trend bias
2. Wave three
3. Wave five
4. Corrective waves

Interested to know more about AO oscillator?

Register for free participation NOW

5 facts about ShowFx World:

  1. Since 2009 we’ve organized 47 conferences and expos aimed at educating traders and investors of all levels
  2. Geography of our events includes Moscow, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Prague, Sofia, Cyprus, Riga and more
  3. Over 15 000 attendees around the world
  4. Our speakers are highly-qualified local and international teachers and experienced traders
  5. In new realities of 2020 we decided to continue providing free educational opportunities to traders by switching to online events every two weeks

Note! The webinar will be held in Malay.

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