Apple Pay goes into tokenized gaming and doesn’t ruffle a regulators feather

Apple Pay goes into tokenized gaming and doesn't ruffle a regulators feather

#ApplePay teamed up with Dave & Buster’s Inc. and went into gaming. It was a smooth policy/business move. While the rest of the universe is busy trying to #blockchain gaming tokens, Apple was like, “Hold my joystick“.

From now until January 30, Dave & Buster’s is offering a 50% discount for anyone who uses Apple Pay to load a Power Card. (Source: Apple Insider)

What does this mean for Apple Pay adoption and gaming? 

Simple. Obvious. You don’t need dedicated DLT based tokens when you can accomplish the same thing with policy changes to sales and #coupons.

If only there was a secondary market for Dave & Buster’s Power Cards…

TGIF Beautiful people! Enjoy the weekend! And remember, tech is cool but strategy wins profits. #FerengiRulesOfAcquisition

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