Best email marketing software and tools to accelerate your business operations


Email marketing tools are very cost-effective and useful for marketing your products and services.

In the current social media boom, they are especially awesome marketing tools for medium and small brands that don’t have high technical knowledge or resources. These tools are ideal for optimising your email campaigns. 

Let’s begin with PinPointe. It’s email marketing feature for teams is an ideal solution for brands that have multiple folks collaborating to conceptualise, design, deliver, and distribute the emails. 

  • Marketing agencies and enterprises can define proper user roles like database management, campaign creation and reporting for every team member.
  • Pinpointe entails one of the best-performing drag-to-drop editors in the circuit. 
  • With hundreds of pre-built blocks and templates, brands can create aesthetic, mobile-friendly emails fast and without tumbling with HTML.
  • Its smart segments enable you to tailor your campaigns to relevant prospects and customers with precision.

ReachMail is another feature-packed tool that helps businesses of all types connect with their customers through email. 

  • It helps you create dynamic, professional emails that look stunning on every device. 
  • You can easily and promptly import lists, leverage endless file storage, and test the mail designs before sending them.
  • The platform also boosts your reach and website exposure through robust, customised sign-up forms, landing pages, drip campaigns, and social media posting and welcome messages.

Some hot favourite

ActiveCampaign used to be an underdog, but is now one of the most popular and trusted email marketing tools out there. It has over 95,000 small business customers. It achieved this feat organically by delivering a product that’s both affordable and easy to use in the email marketing ambit.

  • It was the pioneer of visual automation, which, unlike other resources that need expensive training and consultants to use, helps anybody to craft compelling email automation chain and sequences sans any need of prior experience. 
  • Despite its easy operations, ActiveCampaign impresses in revenue-generating features. 
  • From predictive content and predictive
  • sending to triggering site messages on your site or SMS messages, it provides a stupendous toolkit for small brands to expand their business.

Moosend is another remarkable email marketing tool. Unlike most other tools that lack in features and are over-simplified, Moosend offers every type of essential. 

  • From a visual campaign builder to well-designed fonts and templates, to any advanced features like AI cross-selling suggestions and weather-based email notifications/triggers, it’s a gem.
  • It also helps you to white label the tool and build a markup for customers to earn some profit from licensing this tremendous software to existing clients.
  • Moosend provides one of the most generous and sustainable rebates for non-profits at a modest 25%, which makes it an ideal choice for charity organizations that need simple tools to create and send newsletters. 
  • Its downside is that its fairly weak and inconsistent on reporting. 

For small businesses

Smart marketers use email marketing modalities for promoting their apps. You can also communicate with customers about the concerned white label services or just about anything else that puts value to their requisites. HubSpot email marketing deserves the top place in this regard.

HubSpot offers a feature-packed and reliable email marketing platform that best suits growing businesses at no cost. 

  • You can create professional and seamless marketing emails that can engage and expand your audience. 
  • Its email builder entails easy drag and drop features. You don’t need designers or IT for help. 
  • You can also use the CRM version for free and build a tailored approach to create touch-points for your clients. 

MailGenius is another free tool that examines your emails to find possible scopes or triggers that could make your message end up in the spam folder. 

  • You can start a deliverability test for ensuring that your email reaches your target customer’s inbox. 
  • The tool provides everything you can do to avoid falling in the spam folder alongside actionable explanations and advice on how to fix further problems. 

Litmus is another highly flexible and versatile tool for testing and tracking emails. If you’ve acquired followers from Gramista, you need to send them emails. Litmus allows you to test the emails in old-school web format. You can use it for render inspection, ensuring you optimize your creative content for all devices. 

The world of email automation

An automated email campaign entails a plethora of emails that you send automatically on the basis of your subscribers’ actions. This is unlike one-off email triggers or broadcasts or email blasts that you send manually to your consumers. 

In an era when digital marketing is growing to include countless platforms, email marketing continues to provide the highest ROI. Automated clicks obtain click rates that are 120% higher than those broadcast emails. 

  • OptinMonster is a prominent name in this list. To make any newsletter or email drip campaign to be successful, you need customers or subscribers. 
  • OptinMonster helps you build compelling and high-converting bases/forms for your landing pages and websites within a few minutes’.
  • Additionally, you can segment customers and leads with proper behavior personalization. You can then funnel them into your automated email campaigns. 
  • RafflePress is another scintillating tool. One of the best methods of increasing your subscriber list is to run giveaways and contests. This tool helps you hosts fascinating contests on your social media platforms and blog.

There are integrated email automation tools like Contactually. It’s one of the fastest and neatest ones on the list. 

  • Its CRM foundation concentrates on vetting communications and contacts. 
  • It gathers contact details from your website, email inbox, and social media profiles. 
  • It’s an ideal tool for real estate professionals looking for a smart email marketing software and CRM. 

Some more tools

Tools like MailChimp continue to delight many marketers. Then you have Campaigner that meets most of your requirements. With solid customer support, unlimited emails, and the bandwidth to hold multiple resources and administrators on the platform’s account, it can roll the carpet for your campaign.

It also entails an extensive user-segmentation base/rules and auto-responder. GetResponse is another inexpensive tool that provides a flurry of discounts. With features like A/B testing and custom landing pages, you have a tool brimming with advanced components. 

It also integrates with ecommerce solutions, and payments providers and the majority of blogging platforms. 


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