Best hunting GPS: All you need to know


In this age of smartphones and other devices, people are always connected to GPS. GPS enables you to connect to your present location to the satellite through your cell phone data or any device’s navigation system.

Now if you are in the woods or hunting you always want to feel connected to your navigation system so you don’t get lost. However, the only option for your navigation is your cell phone or which devices you can easily run out of battery. A cell phone battery can give any movement live in the user in a sticky situation. Therefore for outdoor uses, it is always better to have a handheld GPS unit so that you can have a proper navigation device at hand all the time. 

These devices are sturdy, durable and only used for GPS so you don’t have to rely on your cell phone’s towers. Even if you are in some place where you can’t reach the network, it does not standards as a problem as this device can work in almost any place around the world. Even though it might seem a negligible factor it is important for a person who is involved in outdoor activities such as hunting. It is very helpful for someone who is not familiar with the area around you. For camping or hunting it is better to utilize a small and lightweight device with good battery life. 

Things to remember before buying hunting GPS: 

1) Battery life: most of these handheld GPS devices run on battery and the user needs to make sure how long a single battery can last. Good battery life can sustain you for a few days. Usually don’t want the battery to run out in the middle of a forest. 

2) Waterproof or weatherproof GPS devices: any other outdoor activities you want your GPS device to be waterproof and weatherproofed. you can never project what the outdoors can bring you and being electronic devices you have to be extra careful while using them against rain or other such natural occurring.

3) Price: like any electronic device GPS systems can also be way off your budget. If you do want a good GPS device you can always look into higher quality products with comes with a higher price. However, you can also get basic and cheaper devices that are well within your price range. Are you have to do is look at your choices thoroughly to get the best option. 

4) The satellite navigation system used: you have to identify which satellite system the device uses to use them as per your need. Distance includes GPS and GLONASS and WAAS-enabled GPS and GLONASS. 

5) Accuracy: your mapping software must be accurate enough to instantly locate you on the map. With a good device, you can share with points or even route your path through Google earth. You can also go for a device with good storage capacity to accommodate other maps.

Many devices offer special features as well Garmin eTrex 20x is a GPS device that features a 2.2-inch color display screen with 240 X 320 pixel it is the updated version of the earlier eTrex20. It is a good option for individuals with a lower budget. You also have the option to login micro SD card so that you can have space if you want to store maps. You can buy an additional amount to use if you don’t want to depend on this GPS. You also have the system of road navigation which is a huge help for people who they subscribe to the destination.

Apart from this, Garmin Oregon 600 is another device that has a touchscreen technology. You can connect to Bluetooth or ANT. This you have a wireless connection so that you can share routes with the inbuilt core connectivity. The best part about these GPS systems is that you can charge them through USB or cable charger. You may also go for some hunting GPS if you want to do camping.

There are other devices on which you get in electric compresses and even a heart rate monitor to foot pods. With the lock system and trendy designs, these devices are a must in every Hunters hack list. If your antenna is large enough you can easily lock your position with accuracy.


You might not find the exact perfect model you are looking for you still have a wide range of options out there. If the device is easy enough for you to use and has a good satellite connection you are good to go. 




Harsh Vardhan

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