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BFSI Industry Titans Converse On Agile Digital Disruption Strategies for The Southern Africa Industry Region


Finnovex Global Series 2021 Events:

  • Event Name: Finnovex Southern Africa 

Date: 27-28 July 2021

Venue: Virtual Platform

Theme: “Adapting Reinvention to a Rapidly Changed World”

Website: Click Here 

Event Description:

This conference would serve as a platform for the discourse on the roles of banking and non-banking institutions, financial organisations, investment firms, fintech companies,and other stakeholders in developing inducements to the paradigm shift within the Banking and Finance sector in the Southern African Region.

Currently, the Southern African banking sector is becoming more strategically focused and technologically advanced as it applies to responding to customer expectations. The post pandemic era with its restricted movements and the need for touchless services  has certainly sparked a motivation for the utilisation of digital services in all aspects of our everyday live and so is the case for the financial sector as well. 

Banking services and Financial Institutions will need to act fast to create a robust framework, to survive in the post COVID-19 era.

Keeping in mind the evolving landscape of banking industry in Southern African, Exibex – the team behind Finnovex Global Series is proud to present Finnovex Southern Africa Virtual Summit 2021 The Leading Summit on Financial Services Innovation and Excellence. The event will be held to discuss the roles of banking and non-banking institutions, financial organizations, investment firms, fintech companies, and other stakeholders in developing inducements to the paradigm shift in this sector.

  • Event Name: Finnovex Middle East

Date:  7-8 September 2021

Venue: Hybrid – Conrad Dubai UAE & Virtual Platform 

Theme: “Digging Deeper into Resilient and Agile Transformation Strategies”

Website:  Click Here

Event Description:

This Hybird Summit will explore deeper into the latest trends and technologies within the Banking and Financial industry. It would be a convergence of industry titans and innovators. 

Currently, connections between incumbents and fintechs has never been so important as a result of the current digital era, we live in and hence Exibex is back again with this year’s edition of Finnovex Middle East. This year’s edition is guaranteed to feature thought provoking presentations, engaging discussions and focused roundtables aimed at delivering a thorough and nuanced outline of what the future will hold for the financial services industry. 

The Summit will delve deeper into the latest trends with industry leaders and innovators on – Open Banking; Customer Experience; Cyber Security; Affluent Banking; Data Integration; Transforming Payment Landscape and Importance of Collaboration and Integration.

The event will be held in a hybrid format on September 7-8 2021.  Join In-person at Conrad Dubai, UAE or attend the Virtual Stream online with 40+ trail blazer speakers| 400+ delegates |8+ Networking Hours|4+ Panel Discussions| 15+ Keynote Sessions to discuss the roles of banking and non-banking institutions, financial organizations, investment firms, fintech companies, and other stakeholders in how we can dig deeper into resilient and agile transformation strategies

  • Event Name: Finnovex West Africa

Date: 26-27 October 2021.

Venue: Virtual Platform 

Theme:   The Leading Summit on Financial Services Innovation and Excellence

Website: Click Here

Event Description:

The Financial Services sector within the West African region has attracted a lot of attention in the last few years. 

 Starting with the Banking and Financial Services Sector, the regulators and different

 stakeholders have taken proactive steps not only to address the risks in the sector but also prepare existing banks for the growth expected in the West African countries economy.

Covid 19 and the accompanying crisis has stirred up the possibilities of the digital economy. Africa already leads the world on telecom infrastructure and uptake and innovation in the digital economy.

This offers efficiency and productivity gains for African economies. Today it presents a 

Chance to continue to build the economy in the post Covid-19 environment and even for West Africa to aspire to become a global hub for innovation. All they need is support and enable such innovation in the digital economy including in supply chains, consumer services and trade.

In anticipation of what the future would hold beyond the 2020s, Finnovex West Africa would leverage focused panel discussions, keynote presentations and roundtable discussions, to deliver a thorough, distinct outline of what the future holds for the Banking and Financial sector in the West Africa.

Finnovex will focus on – Future of Financial Inclusion Digitisation in Post COVID-19 era; Unlocking the potential of Inclusive banking for customer centricity; New business models: how can banks navigate their changing role in the market?; Creating a Cashless Economy through innovation and technology; Customer Experience and Digital Transformation Trends and Challenges in the Digital Only Model; Role of AI, ML and Robotics in Financial Services; Microfinance – The all-inclusive model; Future of Islamic Banking and Islamic Microfinance and Strategies to implement and leverage AI for integration of services.

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