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Big Red Joins Memecoin Rush: Epoch 2, Solidifying Its Position as a Leading Meme Coin on AVAX Blockchain


Big Red, the fastest-growing meme on the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain, proudly announces its official inclusion in the Memecoin Rush: Epoch 2 program. Recognized for its rapid growth and brand influence, Big Red has been selected to join the esteemed staking pool for Epoch 2, reaffirming its role as a frontrunner in the meme coin sector.

The moniker “Big Red” pays homage to the esteemed Cornell University mascot, embodying values of strength, resilience, and community spirit. Symbolizing innovation and progress in the cryptocurrency realm, Big Red attracts a diverse audience, including seasoned AVAXians and newcomers eager to engage in its vibrant community.

From its inception, Big Red has enthralled the AVAX community with its blend of humor, innovation, and community involvement. With a steadfast commitment to pushing crypto boundaries, Big Red has swiftly established itself as a formidable presence on the AVAX blockchain.

Big Red’s inclusion in Memecoin Rush: Epoch 2 underscores its exceptional growth and widespread acclaim within the crypto sphere. Sponsored by the biggest DEX on AVAX, TraderJoeXyz, the Memecoin Rush initiative offers an unparalleled platform for projects like Big Red to showcase their potential. By participating in this prestigious initiative, Big Red anticipates reaching unprecedented milestones and garnering further recognition for its flourishing ecosystem.

Epoch 2 of Memecoin Rush commences on April 5th, at 1 pm GMT, marking a pivotal moment for Big Red and its loyal community. During Epoch 2, participants can stake their $TD tokens to accumulate points, with rewards distributed based on their contributions to the staking pool.

As Epoch 1 concludes, the final snapshot will be taken, initiating the calculation period to determine standings and distribute rewards. Participants can expect due acknowledgment and rewards for their efforts, albeit with a brief processing period.

For inquiries regarding points, multipliers, and achievements such as Diamond Hands, comprehensive guidance is available in the FAQ section on the Rush Page.

Big Red extends sincere gratitude to Memecoin Rush and TraderJoeXyz for the privilege to partake in Epoch 2, anticipating continued growth and success within the AVAX community.


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Contract Address for Big Red $TD: 0x87bbfc9dcb66caa8ce7582a3f17b60a25cd8a248 (AVAX)

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