Bitcoin halving will not make affect Institutional investment in 2020

Bitcoin halving will not make affect Institutional investment in 2020

Many in the community believe the upcoming Bitcoin halving event will push institutions to invest in cryptocurrencies this year. Koh said that if the crypto community can’t even agree on whether the Bitcoin halving is priced in or not, it is highly unlikely that big institutional investors will have a strong view on its impact.

Jason Choi recently interviewed former Goldman Sachs partner and CIO at Spartan Capital, Kevin Koh on his podcast, Blockcrunch. During the interview, Koh spoke about the potential for more institutional investors entering the space in 2020, especially considering the upcoming halving event for Bitcoin.

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They discussed:

  • Is there diversification in crypto? (11:33)
  • The risk of shorting crypto assets (12:20)
  • Thoughts on velocity, current valuations  (15:26)
  • Why the halvening isn’t “priced in” (29:00)
  • How do derivatives affect crypto price discovery (35:11)
  • Are institutions coming this year? (40:25)
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