Bitcoin update their code to cope with Erebus


For the majority of the crypto world, safety is one of the most important topics. Well, just the main appeal of Bitcoin and other criptomonedas, is that thanks to the technology Blockchain can defend against almost any type of cyber attack. However, there is a type of attack that neither the Blockchain can stop: the attacks Erebus. For this reason, Bitcoin updates its code to address this type of attacks, such as comments on CoinDesk in the Tweet of the day:

Bitcoin is updated to cope with large-scale attacks

Within the crypto community, the impossibility of hacking the string of blocks of Bitcoin has become a common point for all. But, the truth is more complicated than that, because although the size of the Blockchain of the criptomoneda makes that any cyber attack against the same need a huge processing power. There are still several actors in the world that could take it forward.

Especially, the large governments of the world could muster the processing power to launch this type of attack against Bitcoin. As well as certain companies such as Amazon, which also handle this degree of computing power.

Bitcoin update their code to cope with attacks Erebus. Source: National University of Singapore
Bitcoin update their code to cope with attacks Erebus. Source: National University of Singapore

So, the type of attack that most concerns the experts of the Blockchain is an attack, “Erebus”. Which could block the connection between certain nodes of the Blockchain of Bitcoin with the rest of the network of the criptomoneda. Avoiding the correct operation of the chain and, therefore, of the transactions that pass through them. Why Bitcoin you update your code to address this type of threats.

“A so-called ‘attack Erebus’ could lead to a large pool of mining or exchange was separated from the rest of the network. What about the guilty? Completely undetectable until it is too late”.

Running an attack of this type, the ciberatacante you could disconnect a node from the mining network of Bitcoin to the rest of nodes. Sending the same only the information he decides, leading to the censorship of certain transactions, or even to a division within the chain of blocks of Bitcon.

Why the team of Bitcoin Core has launched an update of the code of BTC that would provide a solution, even if temporary, against this type of attacks.

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