Bitrue’s PowerPiggy Investment Program Emerges Amid Bearish Talks


Bitrue announced the launch of the PowerPiggy investment program in a Tweet dated 30th June of 2021. The announcement couldn’t have come at a better time, as the current market sentiment is teetering towards bearish talks. 

The program offers passive income to clients, for any investments locked up in VIP cap at any time. A little extra source of revenue is a very welcomed piece of news.

A Very Good Deal 

The program offers an enviable deal in terms of the expected returns. The returns are quite juicy, currently standing at 15% Annual Product Yield (APY) for the stable coins USDC and USDT. 

One can also leverage Bitrue’s native token, BTR, to carry out investments at the time of their convenience. The token leveraging is possible under the VIP cap, guaranteeing even higher interest earnings from one’s investments.

Wide Asset Support

While the USDC and USDT coins’ yields have been mentioned, the two are far from being the only assets supported. The PowerPiggy investment program supports a total of over 40 different coins, 47 at the time of writing this piece.

There is a cross-sectional representation in the coin options, starting with the two aforementioned stablecoins. USDC in particular hit news circles thanks to the offering on it. There are key blue-chip coins available like UNI, Luna, Banana and Cake.

Also available are meme coins such as Shiba, Doge and safemoon. Such coins are meant to generate purchase drives based on the demand within the community. 

Comparing the Yields

All the coins have either a 30-day or an unlimited lock-up period for assets. They also come with varying APYs dependent on the type of coin locked up.

APYs vary from 6% for CSCXRPL to 12% for SOL, depending on the 30-day lock-up limits. Those with an unlimited lock-up period have a wide range of APYs, from a low of 0.09 for several such as SDT, Ask and Sun, to an unbelievable high of 65% for Cake.

Several of the bluechip tokens offer the highest APYs, with Banana following Cake’s 65% figure with its own 60% APY. They however have higher volatility. Utility tokens used for governance offer the lowest returns, with ZAP, SUN and SDT all offering 0.09% APY on locked up assets.

Positive Response, No Need To Miss The Rewards

Responses to the tweet post have been full of relief and excitement. It has garnered over 1200 likes and close to 450 retweets in just three days. The pick up has been so robust that 18 of the coin assets available are already sold out. 

Any investors out there looking for another source of income to cushion any potential downturns in the prevailing bear market are safe placing their bets on the program. Bitrue may just as well be the best at it with this passive income offering at such a crucial time. There’s literally no need for any investor out there to miss the amazing passive income rewards from locking their hard earned assets on PowerPiggy.

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