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CFO-CIO Colloquium 2021-Power Packed One-Day Virtual Forum

Power Packed One-Day Virtual Forum

Programic Asia is presenting CFO-CIO Virtual conference on the theme “Factoring exponential technology and deep future trends in the new world order” on 21st January 2021 on the screens with more than 500 IT and finance leaders attending it.

Companies are experiencing deep collaboration between CFOs and CIOs to develop business cases for the adoption of emerging technologies such as cloud, big data analytics, enterprise mobility, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and blockchain, among others. When both personas work collaboratively to find and administer improvements, it makes the organization more efficient as compared to when they make decisions in silos. Join us at this fantastic opportunity where over 500 Finance and IT leaders will convene to discuss, exchange insights and collaborate in steering your enterprises towards sustainability.

It is more than a pleasure to welcome more than 25 esteemed speakers for this conference. The ticket price is by invite only. For the detailed information of the conference please visit Programicasia.

About Programic Asia

Programic Asia is a leading business information company in North India
offering creative brand solutions and conferences/Roundtables for clients from varied business categories. For more details please visit Programicasia.

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