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The courts of chinese, specifically in the Haidian district (Beijing), are implementing E-sealing or seals, electronic, technology-based Blockchain. With the intention to optimize the security of the property and in addition allow video surveillance in real-time.

In fact, this movement has the intention to eradicate the seals of role-conventional, that are not tamper-proof.

As importantly, we have, the first time I used this digital stamp in the court of Beijingwas the July 03. Given that, the Executive Bureau of the people’s Court, set a precedent by using a stamp with technology Blockchain. Obviously, securing a property in the Chaoyang district.

Similarly, several courts in the province of Jiangsu in eastern China, the Hunan province of south China and the Jiangxi province of eastern China, have also announced the use of electronic seals. Being the most prominent that are technology-based Blockchain.

Features of the electronic stamp

When you apply the sealed electronic technology Blockchain, the courts may monitor safely a property in real-time. Especially, with the help of the security cameras.

In addition to this, the electronic stamp technology Blockchain, they are unique. In effect, they have a dimension of a rectangle, that consists of slots of expansion and contraction internal. In reality, they are adjustable according to the size of the door.

The long-awaited E-sealing. Source: technology blockchain china
The long-awaited E-sealing. Source:

Also, attached is a decision of execution at the right side of the seal. For this reason, inform the public about the current state of the property.

According to the announcement, once it has altered or damaged the seal-mail, immediately power up a surveillance camera. As a result, it will send continuously warnings to the mobile phones of the complainant and the police personnel.

At the same time, the image of the intruder will be sent immediately to the relevant authorities. Of equal importance, the digital stamp, also issued a warning sound, informing the offender of the legal consequences of the violation not authorized to the seal.

Other uses of the technology Blockchain in China

Indisputably, China is constantly trying to upgrade their technology Blockchain, to have an infrastructure more secure. Therefore, it is quite evident that is growing day-to-day, in this technology.

It is necessary to underline that China has implemented the technology Blockchain in numerous scenarios. Between them, help to combat the Coronavirus. For example:

  1. Tracking the spread of diseases and collect medical records.
  2. Manage charitable donations and medical supplies.
  3. Finance for small and medium-sized enterprises, which are affected by the consequences of COVID-19.

In other words, use it to monitor and ensure objects are sealed, it is just the newest way of using the technology Blockchain.

We could summarize:

  • The courts chinese, have started to use the electronic stamp technology-based Blockchain, to ensure the properties.
  • With these stamps, the authorities can constantly monitor the properties and to be notified of the potential damage.
  • The use of E-sealing, is the latest example of how China uses technology Blockchain.

To finish, do you could implement the electronic sealing in companies? Where else you would like to use the technology Blockchain? Let him know in the comments box.

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