Company Event Trends to Watch Out for in 2022


Events are part of your company, whether big or small. These business events range from company anniversaries to seminars. If you are in charge of planning and managing these events, you might be interested in learning about the new trends expected to become popular in the events field in 2022. We listed some of the predictions below, so you can start to think of how to incorporate them in your company events.

Hybrid event is here to stay

Hybrid events combine virtual and in-person events, allowing audiences to attend personally or online. It soared in popularity during the pandemic, and even when the situation is getting better, this event option is not losing its popularity anytime soon. Consider this on your next company event or the events you will have in 2022. It will give you a more broad reach so that more people can attend even remotely. 

Focus on safety for in-person events

In-person events are gradually coming back, especially with the restrictions easing. So your following company events could be in person too. However, there would be a focus on safety more than ever. Although face-to-face events are now allowed, there are still safety protocols to keep in mind. These safety guidelines include wearing masks, getting temperature, and hand sanitising. 

Wellness and mindfulness are the big words

Experts in the events industry predict that wellness and mindfulness will be huge words in the events field this 2022. Typical events are busy with tight program schedules to cover as much content and activities as possible. Although you would still want to ensure that you don’t sacrifice the value and quality of the content of your event, it should be more relaxed. There should be a breather between the talks or programs for the audience to absorb everything better and take a break to be more focused on the remaining parts. Insert games and activities that they can do during this quick time out. For businesses around Oxfordshire, a party planning Oxfordshire company can help plan the entire event and ensure they will consider wellness and mindfulness. 

More personalised content

A personalised experience has a more substantial impact on audiences. One way to ensure that the content is more personalised is by doing a poll or survey before the event to determine the activities that they want to see. You could also customise your email marketing depending on the recipients. 

Ensure diversity

People want to see inclusion, so consider this when deciding on your guests, such as speakers and hosts. They want to hear ideas from different perspectives, and having a diverse selection of panels will bring that to the table. People also want fairness and equality, and this is what you will represent by having diverse guests. In addition, it will improve your credibility. 

Environment-friendly events

Like diversity, more people are also now more conscious about the environment. So having environment-friendly events, such as using green products, will impress your audiences, and you are more likely to get their support.

Remember these things when planning for your company events. It will ensure success and create a positive impression and experience.  

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