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Compress Studio – A free open source image compression platform

Compress Studio - A free open source image compression platform

Compress Studio is a free image compression tool. It is an alternative to TinyPng.
The objective for creating such a platform is to offer a privacy-focused way of doing
compression at the client-side. Today most of the compression happens at the
server-side and not at the browser. Today, with browsers becoming powerful there is a huge opportunity to push server-side apps to the client/browser side. This provides a transparent system for the people to use tools with confidence which doesn’t collect any information on the user. There are no trackers, no cookies or analytics being run. It’s a clean app that provides privacy to users.

There are wide areas of usage. Starting from resizing of size during uploads to use
for your website, the speed of display of your pages is one of the important criteria of Google, so you will reduce the weight of your images to the maximum, without losing the quality of display for your readers. If your goal is to store your image files, it is in your best interest to compress them so as not to reach your storage quota too quickly.
There are already many online tools to reduce the weight of your images. But really stands out in this market, by offering you an impeccable
quality of service. By default, the site offers image compression which offers the best quality/weight ratio. You can choose to further reduce this weight if you have strong constraints. The tool allows you to easily view the before / after to guide your choice.

Compression is done on the side of your browser, not their server, ensuring more
privacy. Want to go further? The site even allows you to store your compressed
images by logging in via Blockstack. It’s build using the Browser Image Compress
NPM module.

The primary reason for this press release it to announce the open-source of
Compress Studio. I’m looking for contributions from people to take this freelance
project mine forward. The project is accessible at GitHub.

Media Contact

Company Name: Compress Studio
Contact Person: Sam Joseph
Email: [email protected]

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