COVID-19 Vaccine Verification Application Built on Blockchain

COVID-19 Vaccine Verification Application Built on Blockchain

The world is still battling COVID-19, and vaccinations are being deemed as the most urgent as it protects people from the fatal symptoms of the virus. With the pandemic raging on and healthcare systems and governments are already too busy trying to minimize the effects of the virus, keeping track of vaccinations is an additional worry that needs to be considered. 

VXpass, a digital vaccine verification application built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, addresses this concern and relieves the burden of manually monitoring vaccinations from the already exhausted government and healthcare workers. With this mobile application in place, individuals, providers and manufacturers can easily track vaccinations and doses administered. Healthcare on blockchain is something the present and future need.

“On arrival, they’ll show up at the nursing station or go to the exam room or drive through the line and provide their ID to the practitioner or provider simply by scanning just [the QR code]. The provider application has gone and checked the blockchain and sees that for this patient, even though the data was created by another medical practitioner, we can verify that they’ve received the first dose of the Moderna vaccine [for example] and they’re within the window of receiving the second vaccine,” VXpass founder Zachary Weiner said during a demonstration video

Once the second dose has been administered, the protocol is them marked complete. And instead of having a booklet or certificate that can easily be lost or misplaced, the individual now has a digital copy that verifies they have been vaccinated completely. Vaccine providers and manufacturers are also alerted in real time whenever a user has been injected with the vaccine—whether the first or the second dose. In this way, stakeholders are updated about vaccinations without having to manually compile reports or request for reports to be submitted, which takes time, effort and more money than necessary. Paperworks and manual labor will be kept at a minimum, which especially helps places where EHR systems are not yet fully operational.

“For us, while we are moving towards pilot in some of the smaller towns in the United States, the bigger goal is to on-board countries and essentially, eventually, to on-board pharma. So, the first version I built of this, the pharma companies would actually be the token authors, not VXPass. And as they create and manufacture these vials and doses, they’re creating and manufacturing tokens to follow the life cycle of those vials. You know, from the table, manufacturer to injection kind of thing…. But what we’ve seen is that we’re getting the most traction in countries that do not necessarily have a robust EHR system in place today,” Weiner explained when asked where the application will be made available during a Bitcoin SV Virtual Meetup. 

Another thing that makes VXpass truly helpful to users is that it individuals them to own their data. This means that people is in possession of this data and has control over it. With data ownership being given back to patients, they can easily access it and use it whenever they need to. For instance, if employers would need their COVID-19 vaccination records, then they can easily provide it without the need to request it from a hospital or medical institution. 

Once COVID-19 vaccinations are over, it is easy for VXpass to be transformed into a general vaccination app. It would continue to be relevant as infants are vaccinated numerous times until they reach the age of one, and a person is continuously injected with different kinds of vaccines in their lifetime. Healthcare on blockchain allows for these records to become easily accessible by its owner, and Bitcoin SV is in full support of this kind of system.

Harsh Vardhan

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