Crazy idea: entrepreneur, Tesla electric cars on the Blockchain Park


As the Tesla stock for investors would not be interesting enough, has proposed the founder and managing Director of the crypto project, Aave the tokenization of the Tesla vehicles. Stani Kulechov would like to combine this with the luxurious electric cars, and the currently booming sector of the Decentralised financial services (DeFi) to each other. The storage of the sought-after Automobiles on the Blockchain could create a whole new field of Investment.


The Tesla cars soon run on the Blockchain?

Tesla shares are in addition to the Bitcoin of the most popular investment objects of the year. The idea of Aave goes a step further. In the Tokenization Kulechov, the car will be tokenized models in the Form of the company’s own crypto-currency Aave (LEND). These tokens could then be used as collateral.

Kulechov posted on 21. August on Twitter the following message from the Tesla CEO: “@elonmusk can I would be glad, one day, the Tesla’s authorized token, so people use their cars for the Rent of $USDC and for affordable Trips to Mars. It’s called DeFi, and is there to enhance the financial area.“

So far, the Tesla chief who has not spoken on the proposal.

What is Aave?

In the case of the crypto project, Aave is all about borrowing by the Tokenization of assets. So the company wants to integrate in the long term, the DeFi-idea in the Mainstream financial landscape. Finally, it is to include the customer here is very simply a loan by the crypto-technology.

Unthinkable is a collaboration between Aave and Tesla is not, finally, Elon Musk has already expressed the Often very positive about the crypto-currencies. Also, the Feedback from the crypto Community to Kulechovs proposal shows a positive effect. The User @ChenWainuo is expressed as follows:

“I have a Tesla and I would do that immediately.”

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