Crypto-expert: bitcoin’s market capitalization will exceed that of Gold


The co-founder and Partner at Digital Morgan Creek, Anthony Pompliano, believes that the market capitalization of the Bitcoins will be until the end of the year, 2029 is higher than that of Gold. The current market capitalization of Bitcoin is located at 227 billion dollars. Gold moves, however, at about 9 trillion dollars. In the next 9 years the Bitcoin has therefore according to the Pomp a lot.


Pompliano looks at the Bitcoin top

Peter Schiff is not known to a lot of the oldest crypto-currency. In a Tweet from the 16. In August he takes up the topic of: “by 2029 you will be lucky if the market capitalization of #Bitcoin is still beyond the market capitalisation of a baseball cap.”

Quite different, however, the Pomp, whose testimony Peter Schiff moved to his Tweet looks. Pompliano posted on 15. August:”The market capitalization of Bitcoin, the market capitalization of Gold up to December 31. December 2029 surpass. Posting as a receipt for the future.“

What could be better for the Bitcoin at this stage?

It is possible that both assets will rise in value, but the Bitcoin could overtake Gold in the growth. Alternatively, Gold could develop, but also less good, and the Bitcoin could still lie down for a record-breaking development.

Already now the market has trumped capitalization of the most popular crypto currency, the Bank of America, at least temporarily. Also, the market capitalisation of the new Zealand dollar (NZD) will be depended on the Bitcoin. For an asset that is only a few years on the market, are already more than record-breaking Numbers.

As the data of AssetDash show, is Bitcoin now with 346.4 billion, or about 227 billion US-Dollar against the total number of outstanding new Zealand Dollar. Thus, Bitcoin would be the 34. most valuable of all Fiat currencies.

Image source: Photo by zcopley

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