On August 28, we invite you to Crypto Night – a nightly private party for those who love bitcoin, trading and mining. Feel the atmosphere of the evening with a DJ and a showman 😎

Party organizer is TerraCrypto – Industry-specific forum for mining in the CIS. We decided to gather all the participants after the COVID-19 epidemic. We haven’t seen each other for a long time, and it’s time to fix it!

The bitcoin rate shows growth, isn`t this a reason to get together and celebrate this?! 🤔 Discuss the complexity, firmware and successful deals.

The event will be attended by the showman and Dj who won`t let you get bored. An auction is also planned. You will find out the lots to be drawn at the event itself.

Reasons to join the event:

– all inclusive: hookahs, alcohol, food

– 70 participants

– 5 hours of active informal networking

– drawing of gifts and prizes

– leisure

We will be waiting for you on 08/28/2020 at 19:00 in John Calliano lounge at 1/2 Solyanka street.

Entrance: 2850 rubles, because we can’t organize everything for free. You can pay in cryptocurrencies 😉


Hurry up to join the coolest party of this summer☀️

Tickets can be purchased here👇🏻


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Contact Nikita Vassev, if you want to be a sponsor of the party:

Telegram – @NVassev

Phone – +7 996 336 96 39

Mail – [email protected]

Contact Marina Varsonofyeva, if you have any question about the organization:

Telegram – @varsonofyeva

Phone – +7 999 157 30 19

Mail – [email protected]

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