Crypto Research Report with Bitcoin forecast: BTC course this year at 20,000 USD


A new, comprehensive analysis predicts that the Bitcoin will land this year, slightly below the value of $ 20,000. In ten years, the oldest crypto-currency will then rise to nearly 400,000 US dollars. Also for the Altcoins Ethereum and Litecoin, the researchers bull have to say of Advance.

The Crypto Research Report is optimistic

The June issue of the Crypto Research Report (CRR), shows the price forecasts for several crypto-currencies. Including Bitcoin, Bitcon Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Stellar. With the Equation of Exchange model, the researchers try the future of crypto-values to predict.

The Crypto Research Report Team explains the research approach as follows: “The “Equation of Exchange”model is an absolute approach to the evaluation of crypto-Assets. This means that the model indicates a target price, and should be the subject of the crypto-Assets are valued on the basis of assumptions about changes in supply and demand. […] In this model, the percentage of the total addressable market (TAM) to estimate the implicit can be used in the future price of a crypto-asset.“

Not only is the Bitcoin puts on a record-breaking development

In the Report, the researchers argue that the price for Ethereum could rise this year to a value of 331 USD. In 2030, the price of this crypto-currency is supposed to be to 3,644 US dollars. For Litecoin there are very similar projections. 2020, this virtual currency is to make it to 83 US dollars, by 2030 on even 2.299 dollars.

Also groundbreaking is the expected is the development of Stellar. While in the year 2020, a value of 0.09 US-Dollar is aiming for, in the year 2030, compared to 8.26 US dollars. In the case of Bitcoin Cash, the investors also have high expectations. In the year 2020 414 U.S. Dollar, while it is supposed to go in the year 2030, five digits with 12.942 US Dollar.

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