Deutsche Bank shares: financial institution contemplating Acquisition of Wirecard Bank


Deutsche Bank announced the Wirecard Bank, possibly under the arms to grab. This is from a “Handelsblatt“Report. Therefore, the money house was considering, in consultation with the Bafin, the preliminary insolvency administrator and the Board of Directors of the Bank of the payment service provider of a possible financial help.

Deutsche Bank emphasized that it is in principle conceivable to provide in the context of the continuation of the business activities of a support. A Bafin spokesman did not comment, however, that the authority, the business policy decision of the largest German money house animals.

Deutsche Bank is concrete

Currently, Deutsche Bank is considering to give the Wirecard Bank a bridge loan to get to a later point in time. The Handelsblatt cites the following remarks on “with the theme of trust in Person“. Accordingly, Deutsche Bank wanted to be again strengthened in the area of payments is active. The DAX-listed group Aschheim, in turn, took no position.

In addition to the parent company, Wirecard AG 6 subsidiaries filed for bankruptcy on the home site in Aschheim. The Wirecard Bank is insolvent. In the case of an insolvency of the Deposit protection Fund of private banks would have to compensate those customers who have not deducted the funds in a timely manner. The Bafin has installed several special officers to ensure that no money should flow to the Wirecard AG.

In the past, the connection between Wirecard and the German Bank for discussions provided. In the past year, due to the Initiative of Wirecard even to informal merger talks.

Deutsche Bank share price development Overview

The market value of Deutsche Bank has increased within the last week by nearly 2 percent. Also, in a broader time horizon, a Plus. In the month-review of the added value of Deutsche Bank share fails with 7.6 percent to beech. Whether and to what extent it actually comes to a part of the Acquisition, however, is still uncertain.

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