Electroneum’s new freelance platform AnyTask goes global with soft launch following weeks of great success

After highly successful internal and external beta testing, Electroneum is excited to announce the global soft launch of AnyTask.

“AnyTask now have over 80,000 sign-ups to our blockchain-powered freelance platform with hundreds and hundreds of sellers creating tasks,” explains Electroneum CEO and Founder Richard Ells. “Currently, there are over 700 live tasks, and nearly 100 have been purchased from buyers before we’ve even started running ads.”

“The freelance platform is still at its very early stages and the marketing campaign to attract buyers starts in March. We should see these numbers increase significantly,” Ells adds.

AnyTask gives individuals around the globe the chance to sell their aptitudes on the web and acquire Electroneum (ETN). In contrast to all other independent stages, AnyTask doesn’t require the seller to have a bank account and permits them to keep 100% of their benefit.

The ETN earned is held in the anytaskers’ Electroneum wallet and can be spent in any area that acknowledges it, on cell phone top-ups, or essentially traded into nearby fiat money or swap for another digital money (cryptocurrency).

“AnyTask gives you access to thousands of buyers from around the world,” adds Ells. “Our revolutionary approach provides buyers with a socially responsible way to hire freelancers that also costs less than other leading freelance platforms.”

Electroneum’s freelance platform works similarly to any other of its kind. Buyers can purchase tasks using their credit or debit card and are charged a 5% administrative fee on the entirety of their buys. Sellers receive their payment in ETN. That means anyone can sell on AnyTask, whether they have a bank account or not.

Sellers can post tasks on AnyTask similar to those on other current leading freelancer websites. That includes anything from graphic design and video editing to video messages and arts and crafts.

AnyTask provides 100% secure payments. Electroneum processes them, and a partner converts it to ETN, making the entire process simple for both the buyer and seller. Electroneum will provide 24-hour support and an efficient dispute system.

The support team will help you if somehing goes wrong with an order. Payments are fully protected by Electroneum and available for refund at any time before the final transaction approval.

With AnyTask and the upcoming free online educational platform TaskSchool, Electroneum is once again setting a new standard in creating real utility for cryptocurrency as a path to adoption.

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