Evergreen Top 5 Features of Supercapacitors

Evergreen Top 5 Features of Supercapacitors

Our world runs on electricity, so does our endeavours outside of it, i.e., space probes and satellites. Electricity continues influencing our lives with the rise of electric cars, being an example of more to come.

Using electricity correctly is an engineering feat. Many circuit components, like the capacitor, make electricity’s versatility possible. Supercapacitors are the superior version of those, and companies like CAP-XX are getting them ready to change our lives forever. 

Supercharging Lives

Capacitors hold an electrical charge for a short period and release it just as quickly. This charge holding capacity is called capacitance. Supercapacitors have very high capacitance with a practically unlimited lifetime. Cap-XX and other such supercapacitor companies bring this amazing device to our daily applications due to such characteristics.

Uninterrupted Power Supplies

Power outages are a menace and can affect some critical applications like machines used in healthcare. Every moment is precious in such situations, and there won’t be enough time to wait for the backup to kick in. This problem aggravates when there is a need for a very high current discharge, which batteries cannot provide.

Supercapacitors are the ideal solution to this problem. They can provide instantaneous, high-current discharge and can do so repeatedly for long periods without a decrease in their performance. This makes them the perfect fit for grid-level storage solutions. 

Supply Stabilization

The power supplied to us is of the alternating current type (AC), meaning there is an exchange of polarities a set number of times a second. That rate of interchange is called frequency, and it needs to remain at that set value for things to function correctly. Sometimes, this frequency gets altered, and there will be a need to correct it. 

Supercapacitors can help with that correction. Their rapid discharge rate can make up for the loss of supply for a fraction of a second during such disturbances. 

They can also help load balancing. When the amount of power supplied is lower than demand, these supercapacitors will kick in and make up for that deficiency. When supply is more significant, they can store the excess supply to be used later.


Electric vehicles (EV’s) are touted to be the future of transportation. They run on batteries, which can only keep up so much with the high drain and recharge demands during acceleration and regenerative braking. 

Supercapacitors are the ideal buffer; they can tolerate such high current demands repeatedly for a long. This protects battery life and improves the performance of the vehicle. Some are looking to enhance supercapacitors to replace batteries altogether.

They can even replace the standard 12v battery used for starting and running electrical devices in the vehicle.

EV Charging 

The range is a cause of concern for the adoption of EV’s. Manufacturers are adding very high power rapid charging systems to overcome this issue. Using power for this directly from the grid will have very nasty consequences, as it’s not designed for the purpose.

Supercapacitors, along with batteries, will handle this high power charging by acting as a buffer between the grid and the charging station. 

The future is all-electric, and supercapacitors from companies like Cap-XX are the key to making that future happen safely and successfully.

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