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Expert Entrepreneurial Consulting Firm Offers Coaching to Elevate Amazon Sellers’ Earning Potential

Expert Entrepreneurial Consulting Firm Offers Coaching to Elevate Amazon Sellers’ Earning Potential

Seasoned Amazon Seller Shares Financially Successful and Timely Earning Strategies

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.— September 15, 2020 — Castle Rock Consulting today announced the expansion of its business model to share best practices with Amazon sellers wishing to take their businesses to the next level. With its roots as a successful Amazon seller, Castle Rock Consulting will now empower other like-minded entrepreneurs to grow their respective Amazon ventures. Since its start in 2016, the passion of founder, serial entrepreneur Travis Martinez, has inspired so many to build and grow their own endeavors. The firm has expertise in Business Consulting, Executive Coaching, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Marketing Consulting and Brand Consulting. Mr. Martinez is enthusiastic about sharing his proven selling methods. “I own and operate Castle Rock Consulting, which focuses on helping people start and grow profit margins in their own online Amazon Businesses.

I also still own and operate all of my original Amazon businesses that got me to this point of now being able to share my strategies. I love and live in the trenches and have the unique experience to be able to identify like-minded, positive, entrepreneurial individuals looking to set up additional revenue streams.” He added, “What we do effectively is cut the learning curve for Amazon sellers, whether experienced or brand new to the industry. What’s thrilling for us is the idea of teaching hard-working people to have continuous revenue streams. I take pride in inspiring clients to start their own well-functioning efforts with their own Amazon businesses.

I hope to have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn with my clients so they can have a fun, high-earning, and successful Amazon story of their own. And, the best result of our consulting success is the day we look forward to the most – establishing long term relationships with the people we help.” Sellers will be coached in the process of setting up their businesses based on where they want to start and the scope of their goals. When Mr. Martinez began his Amazon selling business, he literally had pallets dropped off in front of his townhouse. When orders began rolling in faster, more storage was added to the equation in the form of a month-to-month storage unit. The number of his product manufacturers grew, and the business grew. Orders grew even more, and the business added even more storage units. Eventually, Castle Rock leased its own warehouse.

Castle Rock understands that in order to achieve business goals, the most important factor is the energy and drive of the business owner. There is value in having gone through the process of building a business. Castle Rock’s mission is to give clients an experienced and effective foundation to support it. “Our systems and strategies are so proven that as long as you don’t turn into an ostrich and bury your head in the sand at the first sign of adversity or resistance, then there is no way you can fail, and seeing how COVID has economically affected my friends and family,” Martinez shared. “The pandemic has motivated me to ramp up the consulting aspect of my ventures to inspire a better future.” Castle Rock Consulting takes pride in making sure its clients won’t need its services forever.

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