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The U.S. is a North American nation and country of 50 states and the world’s 4th largest country by area and 3rd by its population. It has the largest and the most dominant economy as well as Military services and widely known for its immense development across the globe. To run any such large economy, very efficient manpower is required in the background and, this is what makes the USA ahead of the rest of the countries. Since the declaration of Independence in the year 1776, the US government started emphasizing more on their education system as they understood very well that the real asset of their economy is their citizen only. Since then, the US has been working to improve its education system even more and, today, the education system of the US is at the top around the world. For this reason, students from all over the world want to take admission in the college here and, one of the most important things to take admission here is the English Proficiency Test scorecard and to achieve this, students have to take the IELTS proficiency test in which IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 and 2 are made separately for General and Academic Category Students with their different motives behind migration.           

Facts and Survey: 

 A recent survey has shown that the US has the highest spending on education compared to all other countries with $12,800 per FTE student at the elementary/secondary level which is 35 percent higher than the average of $9,500 for OECD member countries. This country has a high literacy rate as well as worldwide 5th rank in the counts of college degree holders and spending so much by the government does not go in vain because out of 100% lying here, more than 95% of people work in this country after finishing their studies instead of going to work in other countries. All these things together make the US a point of attraction. For the rest of the world students and makes them are highly excited to get admission in the USA

The man-power behind the progress of their economic growth is their local citizens as well as people from other countries. The kind of education is provided here by the institutions is excellent and due to which many students from all over the world come here to complete their higher education and after completing their studies, 80% of them start working in the USA and making a contribution to their economy. Many of the top universities around the world exist in this country such as Princeton University, Stanford University, Columbia University, Yale University and many more it is a dream of many students from all over the world to take the admission in these universities but in all these colleges Under the USA territory, some different procedures have been made for the admission of international students and one of which is the IELTS exam whose scorecard is mandatory for admissions and to get the scorecard student has to appear in the IELTS Academic exam specially designed for those students who want to get admission in colleges outside their home country to test their accuracy as well as the ability to handle the English language, where English is used as a communication language. There is another category of this exam which is called the IELTS General Exam, but it is specially designed for those who want to work outside their country.

IELTS Pattern:

This exam focuses on 4 aspects of English which are listening, speaking, reading, and writing where the listening and speaking part is kept common for the students giving general and academic exams but the pattern for both reading and writing parts is different for students in both categories. Therefore, IELTS writing task 1 & 2 (two parts of the IELTS writing exam) performs the main task of differentiating the students of both categories according to their needs. Wherein Academic writing task 1 candidate usually asked to describe facts or figures presented in one or more graphs, charts or tables on a given topic and in task1 of General training category students are asked to write a personal response in the form of an informal or formal letter of at least 150 words.

Task 2 starts after IELTS  academic writing task 1 in which students of both the categories have to write an essay on the given topic but the difference here is that the topic given to the General category is related to academics and Academic category is related to public/social issue and should also be written in casual/semi-formal style and formal style respectively. Out of all 4 aspects, the most important and contributing part in testing the English proficiency is the IELTS writing test. And if we talk about the validation of scorecard then this test is the most popular and widely accepted across the globe.

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