Fifty-five great topics for your essay in 2020

Topics for essay in 2020

A myriad of graduates tends to have freedom in choosing topics for their papers in order to fascinate them to write an essay. Suffice it to say, students find writing academic papers tedious and tiresome, especially when they get assigned tasks. As a consequence, a plethora of youngsters looks for a variety of writing services to get their job done quickly. However, not all of the websites are candor and do their job with decent quality. Have a look at essayshark review, the service that offers the best deals in an academic world related to writing different papers. When it comes to the best topics for your essay, glance at the categorized list of several various types of essays and appropriate topics to them.

Argumentative Essay and Superb Topics

First and foremost, in an argumentative essay, you will have to explore a topic in great detail. For instance, here, you have excellent ideas for this type of paper:

  1. Students should take charge of their school syllabus.
  2. The role of physical education in the school system.
  3. Does the death penalty have to be implemented globally?
  4. Do people learn the ropes of becoming an artist, or are they born with it?
  5. Social media platform CEO should monitor and ban comments and users that spread messages containing hateful language.
  6. Are young people empowered or enslaved by technology?
  7. How difficult is life when someone is living off-grid?
  8. It should be illegal to produce and sell alcohol.
  9. Girls should be motivated to participate in all sports.
  10. People who have failed at parenting must be punished.

Persuasive Essay with Topics

By the same token, it has a similar concept to an argumentative paper. However, in a persuasive essay, the writer aspires to convince the audience of his/her point of view.

  1. Vending machines selling energy drinks and sugary drinks should be banned in educational institutions. 
  2. Gambling is tantamount to a crime.
  3. Should abortions be banned universally?
  4. Hunting is an evil act.
  5. Is it right to use animals in a circus?
  6. Dogs that pose a threat to society should be euthanized.
  7. Cell phones should rigidly be banned in schools.
  8. Sex education must be compulsory in high schools.
  9. Should employers examine the applicant’s social media profiles?

Descriptive Essay 

In this type of essay, you depict a certain thing and use sensory information to engage your readers’ five senses, which are taste, hearing, touch, sight, and smell.

  1. The impact of COVID-19 on my life.
  2. The person that is responsible for making a difference in my life.
  3. My once in a lifetime journey.
  4. Describe the benefits of electronic gadgets to someone from the early 50s.
  5. Describe the experience of falling in love.
  6. Do you have any specific place that you come back to in your dreams? How does it look like? What do you feel?
  7. How would you describe your emotional state to a stranger?
  8. Do you think GM food is safe to eat?
  9. What are the signs of being addicted to technology? How can we recognize such a person?
  10. Your idea of an outstanding day.

Narrative Essay

In a narrative written discourse, your aim is to share a personal experience by telling a story. 

  1. My experience of living off-grid.
  2. Reasons why I didn’t become enslaved by technology.
  3. Females/Males that influenced your life the most.
  4. Situations that demonstrated that your parents were or weren’t always right.
  5. A moment when you were sincerely surprised by kindness, honesty, and generosity.
  6. My accomplishments outside of academic life and what it took to achieve them.
  7. A subject and a teacher that had the most robust impact on your life.
  8. The time you faced denial.
  9. A situation where someone waited for your support, but you were helpless.

Research Paper 

When it comes to writing a research paper, the most predominant thing you have to do is to select a topic that you are interested in, and that is broad enough to conduct the aforementioned, entire research on it and put it on a paper. You are likely to write about anything that has specific information on it, which you, in turn, will have to attach to the paper, precisely in the works cited page, which appears at the end of your essay.

  1. Effects of the Beat Generation on the Hippie Generation.
  2. Events and social issues I agree with that stimulate the drastic increase in terrorism.
  3. How much technology should we put in our schools? Does it affect them positively or vice versa?
  4. Universities are rapidly becoming money-oriented.
  5. Do academia-related loans affect the future lives of the graduates?
  6. Analyze the relationship between the United States of America and China. What are the benefits of them? What are the drawbacks?
  7. Was the healthcare system prepared for the outbreak of coronavirus?
  8. Examine the influence of the US on the latest decision of the OPEC agreement regarding the cut down on oil production.
  9. Did children change their behavior because of the devices they use? 
  10. Compare the immigration policies of two different countries.

Expository Essay

Speaking of writing an expository essay, you have to complete, explain, and clarify it a way that it becomes clear to the audience. The topics per se are extensive, so you won’t draw a blank while writing it.

  1. Why is the suicide rate among teenagers high?
  2. Reasons why people are obsessed with one particular singer.
  3. Why does a young generation use drugs?
  4. Why is it not possible to entirely ban drug production and consumption?
  5. The best ways of relieving stress.
  6. Medical employees should earn more than celebrities.
  7. COVID-19 gives a boost to a mental breakdown.

Final Words

As shown above, the list combines central essay types that have their own unique aim, structure, and style. For instance, while writing a research paper, one has to stick to the formality, citing credible sources and giving appropriate examples, whereas a narrative essay intends to disclose a storyteller’s emotions, thoughts, and conclusions after the occurred situation. As follows, the topics are to improve your critical thinking, to augment your vocabulary, and, finally, to captivate in the interim of a writing process.

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